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May 28, 2020
Following Ohio State’s easy 49-28 win over Clemson, Buckeye head coach Ryan Day spoke with reporters for a few minutes. Following Day, quarterback Justin Fields answered questions as did several other Buckeyes. Here are the highlights of what everyone had to say.

Ryan Day

— Last year’s game weighed heavy on this team and it was great to get this win against a great team. After all of the trials and tribulations over the last 12 months, he couldn’t be happier. It was hard. “This team really showed what they were made of tonight.”

— After last year they wanted to get back here. Clemson being here as well added some flavor to it. In life, you don’t often get the opportunity for a second chance. He’s not sure he’s happier about beating Clemson or getting an opportunity to win it all.

— Justin Fields hasn’t played in a lot of big games like this. The Indiana game bothered him. Then last week people were talking poorly about him and that bothered him. “He...

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