Aug 5, 2021
COLUMBUS – There was a youth movement with the recent South Florida Express visit to Ohio State over the past weekend as several top class of 2024 targets made the trip to check out the Buckeyes.

JoJo Trader, a 6-foot-2, 170-pound receiver/athlete was one of the major names from the younger class along with JJ Smith, both checking out everything that the Ohio State program had to offer.

As with many players, a decision will have to be made at some point about what a desired position in college will be, sometimes a player can dictate to a point and other times it may be dictated once a player gets on campus. For Trader, he just loves the game and knows that he has a lot of versatility, whether you call him a receiver or an athlete.

“I am an athlete, but I prefer receiver, but I can play defense, I can play both sides of the ball,” Trader said.

Recruiting is going well for Trader to this point with more than a dozen offers in-hand and that number...

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