Marc Givler

Staff member
May 28, 2020
COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day and several Buckeyes spoke with reporters following OSU’s 52-17 win over Nebraska. Here are the highlights of everything that was said during the session.
Ryan Day
— Nebraska had a good plan early on. Give credit to the Ohio State defensive staff for the adjustments. Offensively, OSU left some things on the field. Justin Fields played well and did a good job with his feet. There were a couple of sacks in there where maybe they could have thrown the ball away.
— If he could do it over again he would have taken a knee. Day publicly apologized to Scott Frost for that. They just didn’t have the personnel in to take a knee.
— The No. 1 goal today was to go 1-0. You can’t win championships in game one. The best thing they can do is apologize for how you win. Winning by one is enough. Going 1-0 is a great day and that was the goal.
— Day would have signed up early on to get out of this game with giving up just 17 points. “I’m proud of the way the...

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