Ryan Day, Buckeyes Provide Updates Following Ohio State Pro Day

May 28, 2020
Following Ohio State’s pro day Tuesday afternoon, head coach Ryan Day and the vast majority of the OSU participants spoke with the media and answered questions about how they performed and what was next for them. Here are the highlights from everything that was said.

Ryan Day

— It’s a unique setting. Just throwing the ball with no pads on and a bunch of guys on the field watching. He was showing off by the end. Driving the ball down the field with unbelievable accuracy.

— He hasn’t heard the “first-read” criticisms from any of the NFL coaches he’s talked to. “At the end of the day, it’s how well he does in the NFL.” He’s going to have to produce, but those first-read criticisms don’t fit.

— As a former quarterback, he probably would have broken his hip trying to throw that last past to CJ Saunders. He can make a 30-yard seam route look like a 12-yard throw because his arm is so strong.

— It was great to have Urban Meyer back. The players were happy to see...

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