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May 28, 2020
Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters following practice late Monday morning. He was asked a number of questions about his football team, the highlights of which can be found below.

— On name, image, and likeness, they have had a lot of talk about it. “I think there’s uncertainty right now…” of where this thing lands to plan too much for it. There are some wide open possibilities, some restrictive possibilities, and some things in between, so it’s hard to plan totally for it, but there are things in the works. These guys get a lot of exposure and interaction so there will be unbelievable opportunities for their players. They will provide support throughout those opportunities.

— Cade Stover worked really hard the past year, but he didn’t have a spring last year or a preseason, but this is a big spring for him. This is his time. “We’re excited about what we see.”

— It was a strong statement by Teradja Mitchell to bring up his anxiety issues. The fact that he...

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