Tony Gerdeman

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May 28, 2020
Ohio State head coach Ryan Day spoke with reporters today following practice. The Buckeyes have now completed eight of 15 spring practices. Here are the highlights of everything Day had to say.

— On recruiting Gonzaga’s Jalen Suggs at quarterback a few years ago, very happy to see that shot. Suggs came to OSU’s camp. Very talented. Day gave the family an evaluation that he could be a really good quarterback, but if he’s as good as they said at basketball then that was probably the best course for him.

— Mitchell Melton has a long-term injury. Have to do a great job of developing the young guys and they will be thin for the rest of spring.

— Craig Young has had a really good spring so far. He’s finding a role he feels more comfortable with. He can line up at safety and then also come into the box. He can cover and also be physical and blitz. He and Ronnie Hickman and Kourt Williams are all in a position to help out this way.

— Matt Jones has done a good job of...

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