Tony Gerdeman

Staff member
May 28, 2020
Ohio State’s football season ended Monday night and while the final game didn’t go the way Buckeye fans would have liked, the team navigated the most difficult, frustrating, and anxiety-inducing season…maybe ever. The Buckeyes finish as the second best team in the country this year and had Ohio State had a full slate of games to figure a few more things out, perhaps the final game could have ended differently.

Chip Minnich and I look back on the College Football Playoff National Championship against Alabama and discuss some of the factors that led to Alabama’s 52-24 win. Yes, we talk about the defense. No, we’re not asking for anyone to be fired into the sun. But we do try to provide some analysis.

We also talked about some of the recent coaching changes around college football with ties back to Ohio State. Former Buckeye players and coaches all across the country are shaping the next generation of players from the sidelines.

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