Aug 5, 2021
There should be little surprise that the Big Ten honored Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud with not only its Freshman of the Week award but also its Offensive Player of the Week award. This marks Stroud’s second time winning the offensive player honor and seventh time winning the freshman of the week award.

The Big Ten also award its defensive player honor to Isaiah Gay out of Illinois and its special teams award to Jordan Stout from Penn State.

Stroud led the No. 4 Buckeyes to a 56-7 win over then No. 7 Michigan State on Saturday and in just a little more than a half of action threw for 432 yards on 32-35 passing and six touchdowns. All six touchdowns and much of the action took place in a record-setting first half, a half where the Buckeyes were a perfect seven for seven on drives ending with Ohio State touchdowns and 500 yards of total offense.

Stroud now joins a list of Ohio State quarterbacks with six passing touchdowns in a game but of course, Stroud is the only one...

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Scoop Family
Dec 8, 2021
I agree with one of the other posters here who said that it seems as if the only post-season award the Buckeyes can win at QB is the Silver Football trophy. The Buckeye showcase is FULL of Silver football trophies courtesy of the B1G conference. But ZERO Heisman trophies in the past two, three coaching cycles.
It's been 15 years since Troy Smith won it by one of the largest margins ever, however it seems as if all a Buckeye QB can do is get an invite to NYC to sit and hold the hand of the eventual Heisman winner from Alabama or any other random SEC school. And for the longest time, I dismissed the Heisman as being something we shouldn't focus on. That it should be all about the team award---the national title.
And I still feel that way however after watching Alabama win four Heismans in the past 12 years when prior to that they had ZERO, is quite telling. They win the Heisman and then go on to win the national title. WHAT HEISMAN CURSE? I ask because it does not exist with them and nor did it with LSU when Joe Burrow took home the Heisman beating out not one but two Buckeyes for the prize then going on to hoist the national title a month later.

To say we have work to do around here is an understatement.

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