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May 28, 2020
Tale of the Tape may be in a new location but I can assure you it is the same deep dive into the weekly opponent for the Buckeyes with the good, the bad and of course the ugly.

Week one of any season is so difficult with no previous games to look back to but 2021 provides an even more difficult challenge when it comes to looking at teams, Big Ten teams in particular, due to the fact that the disjointed season of 2020 doesn’t give us a clear picture of what these teams were really made of. Take Penn State for example, was that team better represented by the squad that lost its first five games of the season or the squad that won its final four?

Ohio State’s week one opponent, the Minnesota Golden Gophers, are another enigma wrapped up in a riddle. 2019 saw PJ Fleck’s team run out to an 11-2 record, a bowl win over Auburn and high hopes going into 2020.

Then 2020 hit and the wheels came off the rowboat, the Gophers dropped their first two games including a particularly bad...

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Jun 6, 2020
Jackson Springs. NC
The only real prospect MN has of einning this one is the hope that they can rattle our new QB into making poor decisions and creating turnovers....period. otherwise, they simply don't mstch up well.
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Jim Heis

OT but where do I go to see what Buckeye Scoop costs? Sorry, I don’t see it anywhere.


Whoa! This is an introduction to your stuff for me - VERY excited to have you at the Scoop now. I think I now understand why everyone was so excited.

Can't wait to read these every week! On a normal Saturday game do you plan on publishing this on Friday?

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