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  • Aug 5, 2021
    It is not often that you can find a series between two Power Five teams where one team might not be satisfied with a 89-percent win percentage but that might be the case between Ohio State and Nebraska when the 2011 game got away from Ohio State, a quarterback injury and a bad outing saw an overwhelming Buckeyes football lead disappear and give the Huskers their only win in nine tries against Ohio State.

    It also hurts because that was the first game between the two powerhouses in Big Ten play and you never forget your first. The 34 points scored is a high-water mark for the Huskers and since then it has been nothing short of futility, the Buckeyes have scored at least 48 points in five of the next six games and the average margin of victory has been 30.3 points, and that is with a five-point win in 2018 factored in.

    You can’t help but think that people around Nebraska saw a much better path to conference crowns in the Big Ten when it left the Big 12 and the power sphere...

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