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  • Aug 5, 2021
    The Purdue Boilermakers have been a colossal thorn in the side of the Ohio State Buckeyes through recent years, at least since 2000. Purdue has five wins against the Buckeyes over the past 20 seasons and that is even more remarkable when you figure that Purdue has played fewer games against Ohio State with the two teams playing in separate divisions of the Big Ten.

    Purdue’s five wins against Ohio State from the 2000 season has happened in just 13 meetings, the only other team with five wins over the same span of time is Penn State and that has taken 22 match-ups. Wisconsin sits next with four (over 17 games) and then Michigan and Michigan State each have three wins as divisional foes.

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    Another way to look at this is that almost 19-percent of Ohio State’s league losses over the past 20-plus seasons have come at the hands of Purdue, five...

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    Too much credit being given to Purdue's "D" and QB as well. Purdue's QB "melts" as soon as any pressure comes his way. OSU is going to get many TO(s) in this game.

    No enough credit given to OSU's run game against Purdue's front 7. Run game will produce a minimum of 250 yards.

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