Tony Gerdeman

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May 28, 2020
Ohio State running backs coach Tony Alford spoke with reporters today to preview spring ball for the Buckeyes. He answered a number of questions about his running backs and how things will shake out this spring. Also joining the festivities

Tony Alford

— It’s a great RB room. The older guys have really taken to the young guys. “Great group of kids. They all come from great homes.” Really good guys and competitive. They also champion each other’s efforts. Older guys help the younger guys. Very unselfish room.

— He’s said it his entire career, they’re going to do whatever it takes to win games. If that’s a two-back system, they’ll do it. When people complain that it wasn’t successful in the past, he disagrees. The players need to grow and if they emerge and deserve to play, then they’ll play. Right now they’re just trying to get better each day and go from there.

— If they had a game tomorrow, Master Teague would start because he’s got the experience. But there...

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