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  • Jun 23, 2020
    Buckeye fans, the week we have been waiting for all summer has arrived. It is officially camp week. It is the time for all of the offseason hype to end and for the real work to start. Training camp is a grind, and those who embrace the pain and hardship of camp are the ones who usually flash and earn time on the field. There are several players on the fans, coaches, and teammates’ radars who are primed to flash and break out during this upcoming camp.

    Jordan Hancock is one to watch out for. Multiple sources have indicated that Hancock is a “dude” and is ready to assert himself and earn time in the corner rotation. With experienced players like Denzel Burke and Cam Brown at the top of the depth chart, Jordan Hancock may perhaps be the most talented player in the defensive back room. If I had to make a bold prediction, I would say that Hancock will be the third corner in this defense and will contribute (think Denzel Ward in 2016) because he is THAT talented. 


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