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I copied you on the thank you note I sent to Chip at your Fultonlaw address. I would also like to give you props here. Would you like me to express how you hooked us up along with how fabulous everything was. or are we abusing your generosity? It was truly a fantastic dining experience. that I want to share with the Scoop members and I am very appreciative of what you did for us. Thank you. John
Ross Fulton
Hi John, this is Ross. I’m glad to hear you had a great time and I appreciate if you share it with the Scoop members. Thanks!
I received your message that one of my upgrades is about to expire. Do I need to do anything to renew my membership?
Whats up buddy! Good to see you here!!
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Just sitting at home for a change and figured I would see how the Wiseman were doing. Lol. How about u bud