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Welp, Sadio was injured today😡! As I said, Stupid Afcon!!
I read it was a head injury, likely a concussion. I’m sure he will be fine by 2/12. At least I hope. I would love to see a healthy combo of Salah, Jota, Bobby, & Mane for this title run.
Another three points yesterday, maybe we're not dead yet! Maybe it was a penalty, maybe it wasn't - after all of the times we've been screwed by VAR I don't even care. Not too bad of a month when everyone was freaking out about losing Mo, Sadio, & Naby to AFCON. We should be getting a lot of guys back after the international break as well + a relatively favorable run of fixtures too...
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I thought it was a pen. I also thought Liverpool were lucky to get 3 points. After going up 2-0 the were completely outplayed and Palace should of had 3-4 goals. The boys looked tired after the first 38 minutes.

But yeah, what a crazy month and can’t wait to have the full team back!
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