After the bombshell news that USC and UCLA were joining the Big Ten on Thursday, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are now possibly the next big program that could dramatically reshape the college football landscape.

They have played as an independent in all but one of their seasons of football (the 2020 COVID year), but the realities of a growing chasm between the SEC, Big Ten and the rest of the college football world could mean that’s about to change.

Fernando Ramirez, the host of the Pot of Gold podcast and the Notre Dame beat writer for the South Bend Tribune, joins host Tom Orr to discuss the Irish and what could be next.

  • Will Notre Dame’s tradition of independence win out, even as the rest of the sport shifts toward two mega-conferences?
  • Is there anything the ACC can offer the Irish to get them to become full-fledged members?
  • Will geography, traditional rivalries, and the potential for a massive TV payday be enough to convince ND to join the Big Ten?
  • And just how soon might all this happen?

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  1. ND would have an easier time winning in the ACC but …..$$$$$ = BIG TEN …

  2. ND will have to realize that the revenue$ will be advotanious to join the Big Ten

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