Ohio State Football is the topic of the hour as the Buckeyes are in an unfamiliar position of having a liability with its defense. Head Coach Ryan Day has not had to face much adversity during his tenure as the leader of the Ohio State Football team but he is neck deep in it now with his Buckeyes already saddled with a loss and a lot of people ready to punt on the Buckeyes’ chances of winning the Big Ten and making it into the College Football Playoff.

Tough Decisions are going to be needed but it is not a tough decision to listen to our Buckeyes insiders as Scoop World Order takes center stage with Kirk Barton, NevadaBuck and Bill Greene talking about what the Buckeyes need to do, what the Buckeyes might do and what might be next for this team.

Lock it in, don’t miss a single episode and become part of the Scoop World Order.

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  1. I would love to see an article by Ross Fulton breaking down the games Matt Barnes called the defense at Maryland.

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