Four Bold Roster Predictions For Fall Camp

Training camp begins tomorrow. Hallelujah! Football is finally here and we could not be more excited to bring you our coverage of the 2022 season. So, let’s kick off coverage with a few roster predictions for the season. I generally say making bold predictions is for gamblers who think they can outsmart the house, but it is football season so let’s have some fun with it! 

On a team as loaded as this one, it can be difficult to make “bold predictions” because there just are not many to be made. But, these are a few things that have not happened yet that I believe have a chance to. We will do a recap of this after the first game against Notre Dame so we can see how I did. 

Prediction #1: Jordan Hancock will force his way onto the field. Hancock has been a force all through winter all the way up until the summer, but none of that matters now. It is now solely about doing it on the field, and I believe he will seize his opportunity. Now, Cam Brown and Denzel Burke have both proven they can play at a high level, so it will be tough to take reps from them. But, Ohio State could potentially decide to rotate corners because of all of the talent in the room, or they could end up playing mostly three corners instead of three safeties. In either scenario, Hancock is a guy who is ready to show he has what it takes to get on the field and contribute. If nothing else, he will be an instant contributor on special teams with his athletic ability. The staff feels that he has the ability to be a future All-American type of player and that speaks volumes to me.

Prediction #2: Kam Babb will break into the receiver rotation. No player deserves a happy ending to a story more than Kam Babb. With the numerous injuries he has had to go through since arriving at Ohio State, Babb has been the consummate professional and team guy in spite of his terrible luck. His teammates love him for it and he is very much deserving of being a team captain. His ability on the field has been almost forgotten by the fans, but not by the team. They are confident that he will contribute this year, and so am I. I am looking for Ohio State to rotate six guys at receiver this year and I expect Babb to be one of them. JSN, Harrison, Egbuka, Babb, Ballard, and Fleming is pretty good if I do say so myself. 

Prediction #3: Teradja Mitchell will have a season like Curtis Grant in 2014. Admittingly, these past two have been homer picks, but nothing would make me happier than seeing the light come on for these two guys. Mitchell has had some bad luck and he has been the victim of a dysfunctional defensive staff. He is a leader for this team as he is a captain and a deserving one at that. If he can be a sponge and take in this new system and play fast, he has a real chance to see the field. With the confidence level of a bad gambler, I am calling for him to be a solid contributor this season.

Prediction #4: Jack Sawyer and JT Tuimoloau will overtake the upperclassmen as starters during camp. I have to get one right, don’t I? We have all heard a lot about Sawyer and for good reason. He has added a lot of strength and weight this offseason, and he is NASTY. Our own Bill Greene has referred to him as “the third Bosa brother” and I can see why. Although I am not putting him on that plane yet, he has all of the tools and athletic ability to be a top-5 pick in the draft type talent, and Ohio State needs that type of a player at this position. Tuimoloau is another rising star with top-5 pick ability. He reminds me a lot of a young Cam Heyward because he is big and strong enough to be a 3-technique but is also athletic enough to be a dominant 5. This could be the most exciting pass rush duo the program has had in quite some time and they are arguably the best players in the front seven going into camp.

Drop a few bold predictions you would like to make in the comments below and let’s talk about them! 

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