Givs and The Bank: Debating the 2022 Ohio class

BuckeyeScoop.com recruiting analysts Bill Greene and Marc Givler recently updated their rankings for the class of 2022 in Ohio. In the latest episode of the Givs and The Bank recruiting podcast, the two breakdown their new Top 10, including a new number one prospect.

While the two were in total agreement on who should be number one, they also give their thoughts on a very jumbled group behind that number one prospect. Greene and Givler had the same prospects ranked two through nine on their personal lists but had most of those prospects in a very different order. Just how close is the race for the top five spots in Ohio?

Why is the race so tight? It’s not a lack of evaluation opportunities as the two explain. Which unoffered Ohioans could make sense for the Buckeyes down the road?

You can get all of that insight by listening to the latest Givs and The Bank podcast.

We also provide a video version for those who prefer to watch on YouTube.