Harry Miller Opens Up In Retirement Announcement

Ohio State offensive lineman Harry Miller has ended his football playing career after going to social media to explain his prolonged absence from the game and answering a lot of questions that had been around his lengthy absence from game action.

Miller was one of Ohio State’s biggest commitments for the class of 2019 and started in six games during the 2020 season both at center and offensive guard but only saw action in a pair of games during the 2021 season before an abrupt absence.

The two-time All-Big Ten Scholar Athlete gave some insight as to what happened in his post on Twitter.

“Prior to the season last year, I told Coach Day of my intention to kill myself. He immediately had me in touch with Dr. Candice (Williams) and Dr. (Joshua) Norman, and I received the support I needed,” Miller stated on Twitter. “I am grateful for the infrastructure Coach Day has put in place at Ohio State, and I am grateful that he is letting me find a new way to help others in the program.”

Miller has been busy off the field with his work with Mission 4 Nicaragua, a charitable cause that earned the notice of the AFCA Good Works team. Miller and current offensive tackle Paris Johnson Jr. furthered the cause working to supply beds to children in Nicaragua that have been sleeping on the ground in a collaborative effort.

Miller had been one of several Buckeyes mentioned to be out for the entirety of the 2022 spring practice session and now light has been shed as he has decided to end his career and move on to the next chapter.


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  • Jun 4, 2020
    Westerville, OH
    I'm glad he's doing what really truly makes him happy. His mental health is way more important than any game or accolade!!! Prayers and love to him in this second part of the journey!!