You have to start every discussion about Ohio State’s 59-7 win on Saturday night with “It was just Akron, but…”

But there were still some very encouraging signs for the Buckeye defense as it works to solve its issues before things get tougher with the resumption of Big Ten play this weekend at Rutgers.

Did Ohio State take a big step forward in solving its pass-rushing issues? Has it maybe found an answer at linebacker?

And do they now have a second (and maybe even third?) quarterback they’re comfortable with?

You’ll hear directly from Ohio State coach Ryan Day and players like Haskell Garrett, Antwuan Jackson, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Paris Johnson, and Steele Chambers about those topics and more.

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  1. No, I don’t think the Defense has solved their problems…The pass rush is very weak, no matter who plays. The four down lineman have zero penitration for the most part, and that’s where the problems start for the defense side ..We continue to do the same thing every week hoping for a change (that is called insane) And I’m not counting the last two weeks! Yes, I know they tried to blitz…but the scheme was horrible (Everyone in the stadium knew they were going to Blitz! The linebackers look for the most part “Lost and not lined up correctly, play after play..being washed up in the line ” However, maybe , just maybe Chambers will be a force and shining light for Washington. For the life of me , I was taught that when the front four can’t get to the QB (while they continue to pass for 4/5 yards per game) you try sending one extra person (blitz) from the CB or LB..Not three! Lj needs to entergize his group…and start recruiting the big down lineman …Guys that can stuff the run and help with the rushing the passer..I guess you could give Washington pass this year, but next year it is on him..I would certainly retain Coombs to recruit and teach the CBs next year. And yes I would hope Coach Day hires a new DC…Coombs is a great recruiter and teacher at the CB position. That’s your extra position on the defensive side…And I would appoint Wilson to a full time recruiter of the Offensive line..That way he could help Stud….

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