How Can Ohio State Football Fix Its Biggest Issues On Defense?

The Ohio State Buckeyes are in a position they’re not used to, trying to bounce back after a loss.

After a demoralizing 35-28 defeat against Oregon, the defensive and particularly defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs, have come under fire. But what are they doing wrong, and can those issues get fixed this week?

Buckeye Scoop’s Xs and Os guru Ross Fulton joins host Tom Orr to answer those questions and much more.

  • Why is Ohio State’s defense so predictable?
  • Why does it look like the front four and back seven aren’t working well together?
  • Why is it such an issue that they’re playing so many linebackers?
  • Is the biggest issue the personnel, the scheme, or the coaching?
  • How will they respond to the loss of free safety Josh Proctor?
  • Can Haskell Garrett stay at nose tackle, or does he have to move back to 3-tech?
  • Can the Buckeyes make a major schematic change in the middle of the season?

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