How Does Ohio State Football Choose Their Quarterbacks?

Since Ryan Day arrived at Ohio State before the 2017 season, he has helped completely revolutionize the Buckeyes’ quarterback recruiting.

Day’s last three starting quarterbacks have all been Heisman finalists, and the two who have left the program were both first-round picks in the NFL Draft.

But Day’s time has also seen a significant change in the type of quarterbacks the Buckeyes are recruiting. So what’s the reason behind that switch?

Buckeye Scoop’s Tony Gerdeman joins host Tom Orr to answer that and several other questions posed by listeners.

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    Keith Jones
  • December 24, 2021
You are unnecessarily condescending to Buckeye fans upset over the Michigan loss by calling them "spoiled". I have been a buckeye fan since 1954. I inherited it from my dad, whose fandom went back to the 1920s. My aunt worked at OSU and bought season tickets every year. A motto my dad and I shared was that it was a successful season if the Bucks won only one game, and it was against TTUN. It was unsuccessful if they won every game (as in 1969) except the final one against TTUN. We suffered through the Cooper era. He showed he didn't get it when he said the TTUN game was not that big a deal. I don't think we qualify as spoiled to say this loss will hurt for a long time -- especially when the failure apparently was in coaching rather than talent. TTUN has good players, but I don't think they are in OSU's league talentwise. Beating TTUN is more important to me than a national title -- not to say I don't love those title years.