How Will Ohio State Coaching Turnover Impact Recruiting?

The Ohio State football team has made a couple of changes to its coaching staff this offseason, but it’s possible that more could still be on the way. How could that impact the 2022 recruiting class?

Buckeye Scoop’s Marc Givler joins host Tom Orr to discuss that and much more.

Marc just spent the week at the All-America Game in San Antonio, covering more than 10 future Buckeyes as they competed against the best players in the nation.

Which future Buckeye had the best week? And which changed his impression of them the most in just a few days?

Plus a deep-dive on Ohio State’s newest commit, defensive tackle Hero Kanu.

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  • J
  • January 10, 2022
Nice to hear Kirby Smart and Nick Saban call for more regulation on not only the NIKL deals but the portal as well. These are two guys who benefit most from both. Both are concerned about the future being the "haves" and the "have nots". I know are some are more optimistic than others that this will just all work itself out but there are those who believe it will only get worse. Kids going into their college years making more money than their fellow students who don't get that even when they graduate doesn't build character.
  • J
  • January 11, 2022
Pandora's box is what the portal is turning into. Also, there should not be 2 teams from the same league in the championship game. I mean what's the point of the championship games and all the leagues Georgia had their shot and they blew it against alabama. Every league has a champion and it should be a tournament for that. The board is so biased with just the SEC and I'm quite sick of it