The back end of Ohio State’s defense is going to look a little different this fall, and given how it looked for stretches of the 2020 season, that’s probably good news for Buckeye fans.

This week, safeties coach Matt Barnes, head coach Ryan Day, and the safeties met with the media to discuss what to expect this fall. Hear directly from them on the roles each of the safety positions will play, who might fit at each of them, and how the growth of the Bullet position could change a lot for the Buckeyes this fall.

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  1. Love this format. We also get to see the players as you set it up and lets us get to know them better. Buckeye Scoop is my first stop every morning.

  2. For those of us who can’t make the trip to attend – I’m in North Carolina – I hope there will be a video of the Q & A for us posted later.

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