Is Christen Miller Bluffing To Keep His Recruitment Suspenseful?

SAN ANTONIO – Ohio State target Christen Miller will not be able to play in the All-America Game on Saturday but is taking part in all the festivities this week and part of that means everyone getting into his ear about where to pick come February when it comes time to select a school.

The 6-foot-4, 285-pound defensive lineman is down to a final five schools that includes Ohio State, Georgia, Oregon, Miami, and Florida A&M and there has been no shortage of advice from people as to where Miller should pick when NSD comes up in just a few weeks.

“It is a greedy period right now,” Miller joked. “I feel that everyone wants me, and they are trying to get me. They want to see if I can come to their school. It is getting real crazy.”

Miller has already visited Ohio State and UGA on official visits but visits to see the Ducks, Rattlers and Canes are all still set for the month of January.

The Buckeyes have remained constant with their messaging to Miller throughout, especially as the recruitment draws into its final few weeks.

“Take your time,” Miller said. “We are going to be here. We are not going anywhere. They have been subtle and calm with me.”

Ohio State has made some moves in the recent weeks with the defensive side of the ball with the addition of Jim Knowles as the new defensive coordinator and departure of Matt Barnes to Memphis. Miller has not had a chance to talk to Knowles yet but plans on talking to him shortly after leaving San Antonio.

The addition of the new coach is something that caught his eye, however.

“It is a B-I-G pickup… he deserves everything he is getting this year because he is a great coach,” Miller said.

There are some players who hate recruiting, some players who like recruiting and then players who love recruiting. Put Miller in that final column.

Miller has been posting a lot of Ohio State graphics in recent weeks and wore Ohio State shorts to practice on Tuesday morning at the bowl game. Ohio State fans fear that Miller could be setting them up for the bluff.

“There ain’t no cap in my rap,” Miller stated. “It is no crime to wear Ohio State shorts or to wear Georgia shorts. I happen to throw on some shorts when I woke up and it happened to be Ohio State.”

This recruitment has been all over the board with Miller seemingly a shoo-in to USC before he was not. Then he was a shoo-in to UGA until he was not, and now nobody is quite sure where Miller is going, but if you believe Miller at face value, he is the least sure of anyone of where he is going to sign.

But he has found the whole process to be a blessing.

“People don’t know the half of it. I look up, wherever I am, I just give it to God,” Miller said. “This process is not easy. I just want to make sure I going go the right place for me, I don’t want to go to the transfer portal if I don’t have to.”

One thing I have learned about these young men. They get all of this attention and are given a strong impression that they are really something. Nobody really knows with any of these kids what's in their heads. Will they put the work in and live up to the hype? I really don'y think this young man will be coming to Columbus and we may never hear about him again.