Here on the Big Me Kickoff, it was a wild weekend from the NFL ranks as we saw four playoff games all decided by one score or less. It would be easy to lament about the college season being over but there is plenty of time for that, how crazy were the games over the past two days?

Was Sunday night’s AFC game evidence that the NCAA overtime rules (at least the first and second periods) are superior to the NFL rules or does the old saying of, “Don’t put yourself in a decision to let a coinflip beat you” ring true. And was it really a case of a coinflip determining the game?

We jump back into Ohio State talk but talking about what kind of output changes we can expect making wholesale changes from one defensive staff to another by looking back at the last two times that Ohio State made major changes on that side of the ball to address slipping numbers.

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And we are also looking at what kind out offensive output the Buckeyes are losing from the 2021 team to the 2022 team. Is the drop-off from the 2021 team better, worse or on-par with past seasons?

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All of that and more with your host Kevin Noon on the Big Me Kickoff. Don’t miss out.

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