Is Ohio State facing a $13 million problem because of the evolving world of Name, Image, and Likeness rights for college athletes (NIL)?

OSU head coach Ryan Day thinks so. Thursday, Day and athletic director Gene Smith met with central Ohio business leaders to unveil the new NIL Corporate Ambassador Program. The story was first reported by Doug Lesmeries of

So who will that money go to, and why is this a growing issue for the Buckeyes and other teams across college football?

Tony Gerdeman, host of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, joins host Tom Orr to discuss it all:

  • Who can and can’t help cover that $13 million bill?
  • Why this is a whole different conversation than the use of NIL in recruiting.
  • How much do elite players at certain positions stand to earn?
  • Will those amounts continue to skyrocket forever?

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It’s also available on YouTube, or you can watch it in the embedded player below. 

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