Is There Reason To Worry About The Ohio State Offense?

Most of the talk around Columbus this week has centered around the issues on Ohio State’s defense, but the offense struggled to run the ball consistently against Oregon as well.

Is there cause for concern about the Buckeye offense?

BuckeyeScoop.com’s Xs and Os guru Ross Fulton joins host Tom Orr to discuss that and much more.

  • What did Oregon do to create mismatches for the Ohio State offensive line?
  • Were those issue fixable for the Buckeyes?
  • How much does it hurt that CJ Stroud hasn’t run the ball much yet?
  • How can the Buckeyes make up for that?
  • What would Ross like to see the OSU staff change about the offense?

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  • J
  • September 16, 2021
Would be nice if Ross could white board these concepts so it would be visual. Thanks Ross and Scoop.