I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

In this edition of the Big Me Kickoff, to take a page out of Johnny Cash’s playbook, we’ve been everywhere. This job has its perks and getting to see road games is one of those perks, covering the Ohio State football team.

But we know that we are not the only ones who get to go on the road as Ohio State fans are known far and wide as some of the most dedicated fans when it comes to traveling with the team and turning road venues into their own versions of The Horseshoe.

So, as we are still months away from the season, it got us to thinking about the upcoming road schedule and venues like Penn State and Michigan State, among others.

Where have you been? Where would you like to go? Do you try and stay as close to the stadium as possible, or do you stay in the middle of all the action?

This will lead us to a later question down the road about traveling, but for now here on the Big Me Kickoff, we want to hear your answers as to where you have been, what you like and what you don’t like on the road. Join Kevin Noon and spend the next 25 minutes or so talking about life on the road.