COLUMBUS – Sometimes it just takes a good camp experience to get the wheels really moving and that seems to be the case for class of 2023 cornerback Jermaine Matthews out of Cincinnati (Ohio) Winton Woods high school. The Buckeyes had been very aware of the in-state star but Wednesday’s camp took the Buckeyes to a new level with an offer and a major shift in this recruitment.

Woods very well may be underrated as just a three-star, checking in at 6-foot and 175 pounds but that did not slow him down from putting on a show in front of the Ohio State coaches during the afternoon session of the Buckeyes camp. Matthews displayed elite level athleticism that warranted an offer.

We had a chance to talk to Matthews before he had a chance to have “the talk” with the Ohio State coaches but he did mention that an Ohio State offer would be a bit of a game-changer with his recruitment.

“(The offer) would mean a lot, just growing up in Ohio everybody wants to go to Ohio State,” Matthews said. “Everybody dreams of playing at Ohio State, being recruited by Ohio State (and that offer would mean) my dream is coming true.”

Matthews had previously said that he wanted to make a commitment on the 4th of July and an Ohio State offer would not push him off of that date but would give him a lot to think about.

“(It would factor) a lot, that is all I will say, that is all I will say right now,” Matthews said.

Wednesday’s performance meant a lot personally but having various Ohio State players who were acting as counselors for the camp out there cheering and encouraging him meant even more.

“It was crazy, it just feels good when they are all just cheering for you,” Matthews said. “I just feel like I had a very good day.”

Check out what else Matthews had to say in his post-camp interview from the Ohio State one-day camp, the first of many where the Ohio State (and many other schools) coaches check out some of the top players in the nation.

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