The Buckeyes have pulled the young cornerback out of Georgia as their first commitment of the 2025 recruiting class. The Atlanta native has cited his relationship with Tim Walton as a big factor in his pledge to Ohio State.

With Gilbert heading into his sophomore season, there is a lot of time between now and him stepping foot on campus as an enrollee. A lot can change during those years, but as it stands today, Gilbert wants nothing more than to be a Buckeye, and the staff was very excited to accept his commitment. 

So, what type of player is Jontae Gilbert?

What I like: Gilbert has a very long body type. Long arms and long legs with loose hips. That is the mold of corner Ohio State loves, and he fits the body type to a T. He also has a frame that can support more weight for him to get stronger. He is a sure tackler, which is rare for a high school freshman, and his highlight tape features many examples of solid open field tackling, which is another priority for Ohio State at the position. While he is not a blazer quite yet, he is rangy and attacks the football when he is in one-on-one situations with a receiver. His range and length could also allow him to mature into a safety once he reaches college.

Where he could improve: Gilbert has all of the talent in the world and all of the potential to be a top 10 corner in the 2025 class, but there is always room for improvement- especially when he is not even old enough to drive. Firstly, he is going to have to get bigger and stronger. He is currently pretty lanky but he is very young with plenty of time to mature and get stronger. I would also like to see his ball skills improve, but that could also be attributed to his youth and they will improve as he continues to get exposed to high levels of coaching. 

Overall, he is a terrific young (emphasis on YOUNG) player who could very well blossom into a top 10 DB in the 2025 class, which is what the staff is banking on. My chief concern is obviously will it stick? A lot can happen between now and signing day for the 2025 class, but we will worry about that then. As of right now, he is a tremendous raw talent with a lot of room to grow, which makes him a fantastic opening shot for the 2025 class. There is plenty to be excited about when it comes to this young man, so buckle up, Buckeye Nation. 

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