Lincoln Riley to USC: What it means for Ohio State recruiting

The coaching carousel is now spinning at warp speed. A huge bombshell dropped on Sunday afternoon with the news that Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley was leaving to take the USC opening. With other potential coaching dominoes getting ready to fall, this one might be the biggest as it pertains to Ohio State.

Ohio State and Oklahoma have had several overlapping recruiting targets in the 2022 and 2023 recruiting classes. Additionally, Ohio State has been a major factor recently in Southern California, and the West Coast in general, and was hoping that would continue not only to close out the 2022 class but in looking beyond to 2023 and 2024.

This edition of the Skull Session takes the early temperature on how Riley’s move to USC is being received in Southern California and how it could impact Ohio State’s recruiting out West. We’re also getting some early feedback on the carnage in Norman, Oklahoma and if the Buckeyes could get back into the mix for any prospects due to today’s news.

Recruiting will only get more volatile in the coming weeks, but check out this first look at the possible fallout and recruiting impact for the Buckeyes after the first major coaching change

Skull Session: Riley fallout, impact on OSU