Live Updates From Ryan Day Radio Show, Lightning Round – Sept. 23

Ohio State head coach coach Ryan Day will take part in his weekly radio show today beginning around 12:00 pm. He will then follow that up with his weekly “Lightning Round” as he speaks with reporters. He is expected to discuss CJ Stroud’s healthy and how the week of practice went for the entire Buckeye football team. We will have live updates throughout, so refresh for the latest updates.

Ryan Day Lightning Round

+ They’ll see how CJ Stroud feels today and then when they get to closer to the game they’ll see who starts. They want him to have some rest to have an opportunity to get stronger. The mindset now is to use him in an emergency role.

+ How serious is CJ Stroud’s shoulder? Not serious.

+ He has faith in both Kyle McCord and Jack Miller. Quinn Ewers would not be available.

+ Denzel Burke has been professional since he arrived. First or second day of practice he made an interception and you just kept noticing him. He has been consistent and accepted every challenge.

+ He’d be fine with Kyle McCord playing. “We have young quarterbacks.” They knew they’d need everybody this season.

+ Kyle McCord and Jack Miller have both gotten reps with the ones this week. Both have picked up the game plan. They are excited about playing. By tomorrow they’ll know who is starting.

+ Everything is an evaluation for the quarterbacks and the Akron game will be no different. As he told the team, all he knew for sure is there’s be a starter named at QB for Minnesota and they’d go from there. “Let’s just get through today and see how this thing goes.”

+ Over the last three or four weeks there has been improvement in the quarterback room. McCord and Miller have gotten more reps this week so that’s good. They have prepared well. They’ve done everything but play.

+ CJ Stroud’s feedback will be important. If he’s good to go, he’ll play, but rest is probably the best answer here.

+ Day went through a similar thing to Stroud when he played. He had a shoulder injury that took a week to settle down. These are the things you try to figure out. Do you work through it or do you rest it? What makes the most sense? They turn to the doctors and get CJ Stroud’s feedback. Hopefully this is an opportunity to get healthy again. If Stroud isn’t able to play, that’s going to be very, very hard for him. But they have to be smart. They can’t be reckless.

Ryan Day Radio Show

+ Game day traditions/superstitions? He likes to take one of his kids with him to Skull Session. He likes looking at his pictures of the walk from Skull Session with his kids. Today is a superstitious day of practice in how they call plays, but some of that stuff got changed up after Oregon. You can call it superstition or you can call it routine. Any special foods? They have chicken tenders on Friday nights at the golf course and the pecan roles.

+ JK Johnson and Mike Hall both had their black stripes removed yesterday. Both of those guys had tough days in the last week, but they kept working. Day told all of his players early on that one day you’ll wake up and wonder why you are here. Then it’s how you respond. JK Johnson had an interception yesterday after driving on a ball and the sideline went crazy. He’s very hard on himself. Both of those guys have great futures at Ohio State.

+ Every time they get to play, it gives the young players a new experience and gets them older quicker. Every game is important as they build toward November.

+ It’s a great experience to play on the scout team as the quarterback because you go against the first-team defense and experience how difficult it is and the level of execution that is required to succeed.

+ It’s important to get the reps for the other QBs, but it’s hard because they can only play one at a time. They always feel like they’re going to need several guys at that spot. It’s not the first time something like this has happened.

+ The other QBs have been taken the work the last couple of days. Does this elevate Quinn Ewers? Everybody has to step up in their own role and it’s an opportunity to show what they can do.

+ How difficult is it for Palaie Gaoteote to get into the mix so quickly? He’s had a tough run because they didn’t know if he was going to be eligible. He’s learning a new system but he does have some talent. He’s got more game experience than a lot of guys on this team. So it’s challenge to integrate his experience with the new scheme.

+ He liked that they stopped the run last week. They changed the box up a bit and did some different things. They did some two-high stuff that was good. So it was good that they forced them to throw the ball, but they didn’t stop the pass. They held them to a couple of field goals in the first half and that’s good. If you don’t let teams into the end zone, yards don’t really mean much.

+ The tight ends are getting there. They played 12 personnel quite a bit. “I think it could be a weapon for us when used properly.”

+ Miyan Williams missed a day of practice last week and they rode TreVeyon Henderson’s hot hand. That’s the blessing and the curse of having a talented room. When somebody gets it going, you keep giving it to them.

+ It’s amazing what Chris Olave has done here. He’s a tremendous talent. He’ll go down as one of the more clutch receivers ever in OSU history.

+ They haven’t designed many runs for CJ Stroud yet but there will be a time and place for that. As time goes on they will continue to build that package for him.

+ Akron has good scheme on both sides. “They haven’t quite found their rhythm yet.” It’s an Ohio team that will come in with a lot of energy and they have to match that. They have two different quarterbacks who do different things.

+ They have asked CJ Stroud to take the last couple of days off. They’ll see how today goes and use CJ Stroud in an emergency role likely against Akron.

+ They have to make sure they keep the players healthy. They don’t tackle the QB in practice. There’s just too much risk and too much invested.

+ What does he tell CJ Stroud after some errant throws? Usually it’s an overstride, but sometimes it’s a passing lane issue. It’s very different than 7-on-7.

+ They haven’t quite found balance on offense. They went 250-300 running and passing. They also want to convert on third and short, and also in the red zone. Those are the goals on offense each week.

+ They had some good run stunts this past week as they are changing some stuff up. Would like to see the pass stunts create more pressure. The pass defense needs to clean some things up with coverage. They are also working on their boundary coverage issues.

+ They believe in a four-down front, but those four players have to be disruptive. You can certainly a linebacker to create some pressure, but when you do that, it leaves one-on-ones with everybody else.

+ Ronnie Hickman has settled in well on defense but this is still all pretty new to him. He gives teammates confidence. Bryson Shaw has gotten better. Lathan Ransom has made some plays and some plays that he can grow on. Craig Young, they are trying to mix him in as well. Also more from Cam Martinez.

+ They spoke very highly of Denzel Burke way back in the spring. He never backed down against these receivers. Doesn’t have a ton of experience playing the position but you see the flashes. “We project him being a good player for us.”

+ Zach Harrison is expected to play this week.

+ Tyleik Williams arrived in June and had never visited Ohio Stadium before he arrived. He’s done a great job across the board. He’s gotten his weight down. He’s learned the defense well.

+ It’s exciting to see the young guys on defense play and get experience. There’s a lot of deep breaths out there but that’s okay.

+ Cam Martinez is conscientious and is a hard worker. “I think he has a high ceiling. He doesn’t have a lot of experience playing the position but has a lot of potential. A lot to build on there.” They liked his ceiling on defense higher than offense, but it was close and there was a lot of discussion.

+ It was good to see the defensive backs get their hands on three balls last week, tho one got overturned. As they get into game four things are starting to settle in terms of knowing what guys are capable of and where they fit best on defense.

+ Tulsa’s defense forced you to just be patient with the running game because they dropped eight and didn’t leave much room for throwing the ball. Fortunately the defense got worn down and the running game took off.

+ Greg Studrawa has been out a couple of weeks with back surgery but he was still watching in his hospital bed and has been back in the building now. He was missed while he wasn’t available.

+ Matt Jones played well in place of Thayer Munford. He has practiced well. He’s a guy who could have demanded more playing time because of his versatility and how well he played, but he just kept working.

+ “It really hit me the past couple of weeks just how inexperienced this team is.” There is a very bright future and we’re going to get really good soon, but how soon?

+ TreVeyon Henderson got help from the OL and TEs on getting to the second level, but what makes him different is what he does when he gets to the second level. “A lot of good football ahead of him.”

+ Winning is hard and young players need to realize that.