Ohio State head coach Ryan Day takes part in his weekly radio show today. Following the show, he will also take part in a 10-minute “lightning round” media session with reporters. We will provide live updates throughout both sessions, so refresh for the latest. The festivities get underway shortly after 12:00 pm.

Ryan Day Lightning Round

+ Comfort level in Kyle McCord and Jack Miller? It goes a long way now that these guys have played before. They have learned some good lessons. CJ Stroud has had a good week of practice.

+ They brought up possibly switching positions with Steele Chambers even in the spring. They brought that back up this spring, but he had to embrace it. What a great decision for him. Not a finished product but has a bright future. He’s seen some things that he thinks is special.

+ The next step for TreVeyon Henderson? “I don’t know.” He needs to focus on the little things and taking care of the football. He’s better now than he was four weeks ago.

+ New Jersey has always been an area with a lot of talent and with good players. Greg Schiano has done a good job of recruiting there.

+ How has Paul Rhoades been helpful? He brings a great approach for the coaches. Has been a head coach and a coordinator so he has a good perspective when talking with the other coaches.

+ Knowing whether a QB is going to be on or off in a game generally starts with the week of practice.

+ He is aware that TreVeyon Henderson is into investments. He walked past Henderson one time checking the stock market. He was upset with Tesla dropping a bit.

+ The veteran defensive ends need to be impact players for them. There are older guys and younger guys, but when you have guys that are as talented as the veterans, the team needs them to produce.

+ He sees a lot of maturity in this freshman class and when you combine that with talent then you have a very bright future. He’s happy to say they are seeing a lot of maturity with this group, bolstered by some great mentoring.

+ Any time you have a balance and are forcing a team to stop the run it makes life a lot better for a young quarterback.

Ryan Day Radio Show

+ This is a big game to figure out where they’re at right now. It will be a challenge.

+ Having three games at home has been great. It’s been fun getting back to it and having the buzz there and the electricity. The team missed it.

+ He talked to Urban Meyer this week. He’s got a big game in Cincinnati against Joe Burrow. Meyer is building something special down there in Jacksonville.

+ “You can’t just go out there and play. You have to prepare nowadays. Offense, defense, special teams, they’re all so complicated.”

+ You have to enjoy practice and embrace the grind. It’s hard to bring it every day to practice but that’s what makes great players.

+ Players have to understand that if you come here there will be some criticism, but any type of criticism is just a vocal minority and that it isn’t more valuable than your own opinion.

+ Day was talking to former coach John Cooper about what a week looks like now. Sunday is a practice, Mondays are off, Tuesday is first and second down in pads, Wednesday is red zone and third downs and also polishing first and second downs. Thursday is some special teams. Friday is mostly walk-throughs.

+ The MLB makes the calls about the front and the free safety makes the calls about the coverages.

+ Cade Stover’s development has allowed them to continue to play their 12 personnel. It’s just a different style of game. All of the TEs have different skill sets. Gee Scott has been doing a really good job of blocking and growing into that role.

+ Road environments are difficult but they’ve been through it so the players have a reference point.

+ Is it tough to coach against guys you have worked with? It’s the nature of the profession. There is some familiarity and so much respect.

+ Very impressed with Rutgers in the second half of last week’s Michigan game. They ran the ball well and got off the blocks. They have a good scheme and the believe in it.

+ Rutgers is a good team that has played a decent amount of football in the same system. The RB runs hard. They mix in tempo and QB runs. The QB is gutsy. Defensively they mix up looks and bring different pressures.

+ Is Rutgers still doing trick plays this year? They need to be on guard with every possession and Ohio State needs to make sure they’re aggressive too.

+ He liked what he saw from the freshmen WRs last week. There isn’t as much depth as in the past. Julian Fleming has been banged up. Hopefully he gets back soon. Emeka Egbuka deserves the trust they have put in him.

+ Yesterday was a really good practice. The message has been about toughness, mentally and emotionally.

+ What do you tell a player who gets penalized for taunting or celebration? They talk about having intensity and celebrating with teammates, but you have to play with emotion, you can’t let emotion play with you. It’s about discipline to play really, really hard, but not let it hurt the team.

+ The young guys at DT are competing in practice. That’s getting them onto the field. This is a different team than it was four weeks ago and it’s because of the practice and games, and the young guys are putting all of that new experience to good use.

+ Haskell Garrett and the DTs showed up last week to push the pocket. They got into the rhythm because of some different defensive looks that forced the QB to hold the ball just a step longer, which allowed for more pass rush.

+ Why so many TFLs last week? Changing up the looks helped, but also winning one-on-one battles.

+ First down efficiency is key. On offense you want to be 4 yards or more. Defense you want them to be held to 4 yards or less.

+ You’re seeing the linebackers all come on right now. There are also walk-on linebackers helping on special teams running down on coverage units.

+ Hats off to Steele Chambers and Demario McCall for making the transition so well. They both understand how offenses try to attack defense, which helps them understand their respective positions.

+ Matt Jones has worked really hard to solidify himself as a guy they can count on. Toby Wilson stepped in at center late last week. Harry Miller is back on practice and they’re going to ease him back into things.

+ “I think we’re settling into some roles (on defense), which is great.” It’s good to see those guys step up and gain confidence.

+ CJ Stroud has had a good week of work so he’s looking forward to getting him back in the game this weekend. He’s hoping the time away watching has given Stroud a different perspective. For the backups, they now know how much more real it is when they get a protection wrong or make an incorrect read.

+ Tulsa decided to try to take away the downfield pass by dropping eight, so it forced OSU to run the ball. Teams have doubled Chris Olave, which sends the ball to somebody else. They’re not going to force the football to players and positions.

+ TreVeyon Henderson has had some big games. The offensive line has really good energy and they have chemistry. The overall vibe there is good. Henderson turns good plays into great plays at the second level. They’re finding a good rhythm with him, but also keeping other guys involved. They will continue to play the hot hand.

+ What more does the offense need to do? It’s the overall precision and execution. Have to continue to take care of the ball and run it well. But it’s about the overall execution, especially on third down and the red zone.

+ Day said the thing he liked the most about last Saturday is guys were taking strides. They were more aggressive on defense. Got a better pass rush. Still a lot to grow on.

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