Live Updates From Ryan Day’s Radio Show, Lightning Round, Oct. 7

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will take part in his weekly radio show today followed by a 10-minute “Lightning Round” session with reporters. He will no doubt cover a lot of ground providing updates on his team and also previewing Saturday’s upcoming matchup against Maryland. We will have live updates throughout the next hour or so, so refresh for the latest.

Ryan Day Lightning Round

+ Has he challenged CJ Stroud with anything else this week? Nothing specific, just that his preparation is strong and he finds a way to win a game.

+ Was homecoming big for Day as a player? “Homecoming was a significant day at the University of New Hampshire.” There were no dances for him and his wife in college. Maybe in high school though.

+ Emeka Egbuka has been close on kick returns. He’s a threat for take it the distance every time.

+ Day hopes the defensive ends will be able to catch up with the DTs in terms of sacks. The pass rush is getting better because the back end is getting better and showing quarterbacks different looks that can cause the QB to hold the ball just a little bit longer.

+ The better that Sevyn Banks practices the better he is going to play and he is practicing better now.

+ Matt Barnes is well organized and he understands his players, but it’s a team effort with the defensive staff. But the players are buying into where things are going with the defense.

+ Are noon games making it difficult to recruit and bring players to campus? There are going to be some more night games this season. It’s hard for west coast guys to get here for noon games. But there are also plenty of recruits who can make the drive. The noon kickoff is also exciting and fun.

+ Jantzen Dunn going down hurts. He had done a good job on special teams. He has a very bright future. He’ll come back and be stronger next year. He probably doesn’t see that right now, but he will.

Ryan Day Radio Show

+ Jantzen Dunn suffered a long-term injury and it’s unfortunate because he was really coming on.

+ Dealing with parents? “Some days are better than others.” Parents love their sons and that’s why the coaches treat players the same way they did when they were recruiting them. When parents just let their sons grow, when the player comes back home in four or five years, they are mature young men.

+ Advice he’s received about coaching? You have to be yourself. It’s about people and relationships.

+ Been fun to watch his son RJ play 7th grade football this year.

+ Friday practice is known as the “Best Fridays In Football.” There are meetings, but they want the players to relax a bit and have some fun. Tuesday through Thursday is such a grind. They don’t want Friday to be super tense. Family days and family dinners are back on Thursdays. This is a profession that can be tough on families.

+ They are starting to get into a routine and they have a noon kickoff this week and they know what to expect.

+ They will continue to play depth at RB. Master Teague has been running hard. Marcus Crowley has been running “violently.”

+ The run after catch from the receivers is getting better and better.

+ TreVeyon Henderson ran hard last week and continues to take care of the football. He got banged up a little bit but he’s fine. “He’s got top-end speed.” When he gets to the second level he can score. They take a lot of pride in big plays. Henderson is starting to get a feel for the grind. It’s not all home runs. You have to be able to get the ugly 4 and 5-yard runs.

+ Maryland runs different looks on defense. They play 4-3 but will shift to a 3-man line throughout the game and then bring different pressures and show different looks in the secondary.

+ Any time you play an opponent who is coming off of a terrible weak like Maryland, you expect them to bounce back and not make as many mistakes as the week before.

+ Maryland is very athletic and very skilled. They have athleticism and they are fast. They challenge you in all phases and are aggressive on special teams. They have versatility and talent on offense. “A lot of skill.”

+ They practice once per week on Tuesdays on tackling guys to the ground. They are tackling much better the last few weeks. Part of that is confidence in themselves and their teammates next to them.

+ The chemistry of the offensive line unit “has been special to me.” They have a great demeanor. They take things very seriously, but they stick together and there aren’t egos in that room.

+ It was good to be able to get the ball in Jeremy Ruckert’s hands. He’s become a really well-rounded player. When you have a TE who can do multiple things, you can attack defenses in different ways and put them in conflict.

+ Ronnie Hickman is a guy who has established himself as a really good player for the defense and is somebody they can count on moving forward. Craig Young has a really good skill set and has done some things for the defense. If he keeps putting one day in front of the other, this is going to work out well for him. “His future’s really bright.”

+ There were 27 true freshmen or redshirt freshmen on last week’s 74-man travel roster. They knew this was going to be a young team and that there would be some growing pains. They’re all learning and doing things for the first time. Now, however, they are getting experience, but it can also add up on them and be a lot. The future is incredibly bright and you can see it. They also handled the road environment well last week as did the entire team.

+ Marcus Williamson had a great week of practice going into Rutgers. He cleared his mind that week and played with unbelievable energy. He took all of the noise out of his life and probably had his best game as a Buckeye.

+ Execution fuels emotion and they executed well early against Rutgers and it built from there.

+ Practice was much better last week and this week has been good too. The team is starting to harden and getting into a workable routine.

+ They talked with CJ Stroud all week last week about toughness and he showed it against Rutgers. He found a comfort level and a rhythm early in that game. If he just stays within the offense, he’s got a chance to be a good player.

+ This team has grown the last month. “We’re a very different team” than they were on September 2. They took another step at Rutgers and they’re building more toughness and an edge to them. Scars early in the season is a good thing. It creates an edge.