Live Updates From The Ryan Day Radio Show, Oct. 14

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day takes part in his weekly radio show on Thursday. It’s an off week for the Buckeyes but there will still be some things to talk about. The show gets underway at 12:00 pm and we will have live updates throughout the show. Refresh for the latest.

Ryan Day

+ They are having somebody come to talk to the team today about NIL and managing money. It’s still a learning process overall. They have educated the guys well. It’s has benefited a few significantly, it’s affected a chunk of the team some, and others have had minimal impact.

+ They will watch a “good amount” of last year’s Indiana game in preparation for this year’s game.

+ Does he have a honey-do list for Saturdays? The No. 1 thing on the list is win the game. There is no honey-do list this Saturday.

+ The crowd was great last week. It’s fun to have them back this year.

+ Would he like to play a game in Cleveland? He leaves those things up to Gene Smith. The Horseshoe is a special place and you only get so many games in the Shoe.

+ TreVeyon Henderson is versatile and can hit home runs in the run and pass game. “That makes him unique.”

+ Explain CJ Stroud’s success the last two weeks? Health is critical and practicing as a healthy quarterback is critical, but maybe also sitting back and watching for a week helped. The guys are really starting to believe in him. You can see that in the way the offense is attacking defenses right now. When you believe in the guy next to you, that builds confidence.

+ At the half-way point of the season, the players who missed last season have moved past that and pushed through.

+ The goal is for the punters and kickers to only be out on extra points. “But we’re going to need them here in the second half of the season.” Noah Ruggles has done a fabulous job. He’ll have some days that aren’t perfect but he works hard. He made a 56 or 57-yarder in practice this week so that was good to see.

+ Parker Fleming helps on defense when he’s not doing special teams.

+ The defense has made a lot of strides, “again, still haven’t done anything like that.” The only way a defensive change works is when everybody is aligned. That’s a tribute to the love the coaches have for the players and the University.

+ “I don’t know when a good bye week is.” It’s good to get rest and get healthy and to let a young team get a breath.

+ It’s also important this week to get some mental rest and get away. There is stress that comes with this game. Sometimes the mental rest is more important than the physical rest. He may watch other people get stressed out this weekend by watching football on Saturday.

+ Emeka Egbuka is rugged and strong, which is required to return kicks. “He’s kind of the ideal guy for that.” The team takes pride in blocking for him. They are starting to build things there. Last year they were okay with the 25-yard line. Now they want to be more aggressive. If it’s a line drive kick that goes into the end zone, he can bring it out. If it’s a tall kick with a lot of hang-time, it’s best to take the touchback when it’s in the end zone. He would vote for eliminating the kickoff and kickoff return from the game. This is where the biggest collisions occur in the game.

+ Teams are bringing pressure about 50% of the time against them. “Pressure” being more than just four rushers. OSU is around 30-40%.

+ Asked if it helps former offensive guys like Demario McCall and Steele Chambers to adjust to defense because they have an understanding of what an offense is doing, Day laughed and said yes, especially when they look over and know what the offensive signals mean.

+ There are four guys rotating with a rhythm at linebacker. “Right now we feel really good about those guys.”

+ It’s been great to get the younger guys on the field. The team has seen that there are consequences for the way that they practice and prepare.

+ Thayer Munford is a semifinalist for the Lombardi Award. He’s done everything OSU has asked him to do. “He’s going to go down in history as one of the better Buckeyes to play the O-line here.”

+ Defense did a good job of changing their look up against Maryland. The windows changed quickly. They got hands on footballs and disrupted the passing game. But the focus is always going to be to stop the running game first.

+ When you get down toward the goal line, you play against 12 defenders with the addition of the end line. Defenses can be more aggressive as well. Day said some people think they spend too much time on red zone practice but the only times this offense has bogged down has been in the red zone.

+ They have tried to keep the normal routine this week but will take the weekend off and get back at it on Monday.

+ The veterans won’t get as many reps as normal this week but they still need reps to keep their edge.