Live Updates – Ryan Day Radio Show – Nov. 11

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will take part in his weekly radio show today beginning shortly after 12:00 pm. Day will provide some updates on his team, the importance of football in November, and will also preview Saturday’s game against Purdue. We will have live updates throughout the hour, so refresh for all of the latest from Day.

+ On Wednesdays they have military members come to practice and watch and that always gives the players and coaches an opportunity to meet with them and thank them for their service. There are military reminders all over in the WHAC that were around long before Day got here and he will continue that tradition.

+ They’re going to need all of the running backs that are available this week and the rest of the way out. They’re going to need depth as the weather turns. They want to play more depth than they did last week.

+ How do you stay on schedule on offense? First you have to stay penalty free. If you take away the penalties last week it’s an entirely different game. Can’t force the ball downfield. Take the check down or run and pick up 3-4 yards.

+ For a freshman, Denzel Burke has done a good job. He’s going to get a real challenge this week. “You’re not going to win every battle.” It’s going to take more than just Burke. Pass defense is a team effort and starts with the pass rush.

+ Purdue is aggressive in all three phases because they have an aggressive head coach.

+ Can a hot kicker have an affect on Day’s decision making? “Yeah, especially if your defense is playing well.” Go get points and move on. The goal is to win the game, not score as many points as you can.

+ They don’t really change the playcalling when weather gets colder. If it’s raining or windy they may alter some things. They practice outside when it’s cold. If they need a clean practice they will bring them inside if it’s raining.

+ Day didn’t want to say what was coming out of his mouth when Jaxon Smith-Njigba caught a punt over his shoulder. But it saved a ton of yards.

+ When they got on the plane to Nebraska the team had Chic-Fil-A sandwiches and Day said he jokingly told Steele Chambers he was only getting half a sandwich since he was only playing half the game. Then after the game he told Chambers he played so well he could have a whole sandwich. Day said that if they won the toss they were going to take the ball in order to have maybe one more possession on defense with Chambers in the second half.

+ You snap your fingers and the season is over. Don’t wait around. They talked about it this week about how you can’t change the loss they had in September but they can do everything in their power to be ready and prepared for the next game.

+ What’s the biggest challenge in keeping a team focused week in and week out? That IS the challenge. They hammer it every day and they talk about how important rest is because when the game is being played, they need everything everybody has to give. “If you want to be great, you have to be consistent. I don’t think we’re great yet. We have to learn to bring it week in, week out.”

+ It’s a big advantage to have the crowd force the opponent to go to a silent count.

+ Purdue does a good job of moving David Bell around. They need to have a good plan and be ready for everything. They’re not going to stop him but they have to keep him from going crazy.

+ Karlaftis will be a big test for the OTs. He’s the strongest guy they’ve played this year as an edge rusher. Nick Petit-Frere and Dawand Jones are in for a big challenge.

+ Jeff Brohm is a very good offensive mind. He sees it all very well and attacks defenses in different ways. The QB is playing about as well as anybody in the country. Same for WR David Bell. DE Karlaftis is a first-round draft pick. They are aggressive on special teams. You’ve obviously seen what they’ve done to Top 5 teams this year.

+ For Champions meeting this week they pulled some clips of good and bad, showing the need for accountability. Day even pulled a couple of clips where the coaches needed to be better.

+ This time of year they need to be mentally, emotionally, and physically rested before a game. The number one goal is to win each game. The scoreboard will show how well they play in that game, but they just need to keep winning.

+ Asked how Noah Ruggles can get 10 Buckeye leaves in one game and Jim Lachey would only get 4-5 after a win, Day answered, “Inflation! The dollar’s different back then to what it is now.”

+ They have talked this week about the need to play clean on offense. Eliminate the penalties and be successful on first and second down. They’re not going to score 50 points every week but they can clean stuff up.

+ Defenses have seen the spread offense for so long now that they’re able to attack offenses in different ways. You need receivers who can block. There are hybrid defenders now and you’re starting to see more hybrid offensive guys as well. On both side, that 215-240 pound body type is becoming more valuable.

+ Sometimes he will go back to a play that didn’t work because he knows it should. If you can make the adjustment and understand what went wrong. You don’t normally do it if it’s an easily recognizable play but if it’s a normal part of the offense they’ll go back to it.

+ He is seeing CJ Stroud become more of a leader. He’s practicing better. Young guys so often just try to get through a practice but as they get more mature they spend practice trying to be perfect and getting things right. They start to show the urgency of getting things right. They can’t spend too much time on everything and it’s okay for the players to have a sting when some things don’t work. And usually if you have to work so hard on it there’s something wrong with the play or it doesn’t fit in the offense or the scheme or it just doesn’t fit the players.

+ There was a lot of shuffling on the offensive line in practice last week. Nick Petit-Frere was out due out due to a loss in the family, then on gameday a couple of guys weren’t feeling well.

+ The more they can get guys on the field the more they’re going to be engaged in practice and off the field.

+ Ronnie Hickman is a big part of the defense. His production points have been off the charts. Guys go to him when they have questions and he understands everybody’s responsibilities. “I think they kind of revolve around him a little bit.”

+ You look for a balance of running things that guys are good at, but you also have to change things up for the opponent at times as well.

+ The freshmen defensive linemen being able to play at this point in the season says a lot about them. Everything they are putting in will show up the rest of the season. It’s a good feeling for a coach.

+ Tyreke Smith showed up in a big way last week. When you get ready to make a run you need guys like Smith to step up and produce.

+ The pass rush from the defensive line is improved because it’s coming from everybody. Plus the young guys are now older and the veterans are healthy and playing well. Everybody is fresh, which helps later in the game and later in the year. Power of the Unit is about depth and no fall off and production. Snaps add up in November.

+ They have been focused on being more efficient in the passing game this week.

+ Jaxon Smith-Njigba has had a great year and is a tremendous blocker. He stepped up last week and then ended up cramping and they had to scramble a bit at times to get some freshmen in the game. The young guys have learned well from the vets. It’s usually around this time when the freshmen begin to help more during a game.

+ It’s been a crazy year in college football and all they talk about is just needing to win each week.