Ohio State head coach Ryan Day is taking part in his weekly radio show today and will be previewing Saturday’s rivalry matchup against Michigan. We will provide live updates throughout his appearance, so refresh for the absolute latest.

Ryan Day

+ Having a great routine only gives you a chance to win, but if you don’t have a great routine, you have no chance.

+ CJ Stroud has been growing as a leader since game one. It starts with getting experience and then getting the respect of everyone through outstanding play. They respected him through his practice, but when you play well others look to him to lead.

+ You have to be able to adjust to UM’s big looks up front with extra linemen or extra tight ends. They have plans for those looks.

+ Michigan tries to establish the run and then take some shots. They grind out first downs. They have a veteran offensive line. Have to do a great job of stopping the run.

+ What logistical challenges does Michigan Stadium provide? The tunnel is tight and there have been a lot of activities go on in that tunnel.

+ Will there be more silent counts/hand signs this week? “You’ve got to have silent ready to roll.” The crowd will be loud and that’s part of going on the road. It really shows up in the red zone.

+ This is by far the best defensive front they will see this year. They are strong inside as well. The offensive line knows what they are up against.

+ The receivers told Day that Michigan State’s DBs weren’t respecting the passing game down the field early on. They were sitting on the receivers and so when you can get feedback like that and then attack it, that’s the product of talented and smart veterans.

+ Great to see Julian Fleming play and score last week. He has a great future here. The receiver room is competitive and unselfish. They love seeing other guys score touchdowns and that’s not always the case in a wide receiver room.

+ They run sprints on Sundays for penalties and the offensive linemen were excited about only having to run one sprint last week.

+ What’s the key to not getting rattled early? It helps that they’ve already been through a lot this year and not everything has gone perfectly. They have lost, they’ve won close, they’ve won big. Because of that, these guys don’t flinch when things go a little off-kilter. You have to have a plan for how the game is going to go, and it usually only goes one of three ways — you get down early, it’s close, or you’re up big early.

+ Wednesday practices are short-yardage and red zone game planning.

+ Legends are born and careers are made in this game. The types of moments that players dream about can happen in this game.

+ Every time you play in this game, everything is already on the table, but this year is a top 10 matchup. The winner goes to Indianapolis and the loser doesn’t.

+ They emphasize this game all year round. They have people come in and speak about it. They have Team Up North periods in the weight room in the offseason as well.

+ The mid-week break for Thanksgiving is a challenge this week. They have to be at their best and be fresh and you want to have schematic advantages, but you don’t want to give the players too much to think about.

+ The defensive line is pretty fresh right now. When the defense is cooking, it starts up front. Michigan has a good offensive scheme with a good offensive line. They have three distinct running backs as well.

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