Live Updates – Ryan Day Radio Show – November 18

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day is taking part in his weekly radio show today as he looks back a bit on the win over Purdue and looks ahead to the game against Michigan State on Saturday. We will provide updates throughout the hour on everything Day has to say, so refresh for the latest.

Ryan Day

+ Chris Booker has been the special teams player of the week a few times. He would like to see him apply to come back for another year. Not sure if Booker wants to do that but they would love to have him back.

+ What does a player have to do to lose a black stripe? It’s a rite of passage. It means a lot to the players, more than he realized when he first got here. It has to be earned and players have to show they belong. “It’s a big deal.” Ben Christman lost his and even his academic advisors said he had a great week with school as well.

+ Can’t say enough about Nicholas Petit-Frere and Thayer Munford as players and people. They are so accountable. You can trust that they are going to be there every single day. They don’t make it about themselves. They solve problems. Can’t say enough about both guys.

+ On the emotional balance of Senior Day ceremonies and then having to play right after that, he says they talk about it beforehand so players no what to expect. It’s emotional for him as well because these are the guys who stuck with him as a first-time head coach. It’s fun to watch with the recruiting process and as the players mature from the start to the finish at senior day and see how the parents react to the transformation.

+ Senior Day is here and graduation is huge and they have promised players in recruiting that they would do what they can to help each player find something they want to do with their lives after football and they take that very seriously.

+ He tells the team at the team meals on Fridays about how much they are going to miss being a college football player. Don’t wait until the last game to enjoy it or to cry or to smell the roses. It goes by fast.

+ Downside of having two RBs on the field together? They’d have to take a wide receiver off the field.

+ Miyan Williams and Master Teague have been important this year and will continue to be. It was great to see Miyan do what he did last week. Ball security and pass protection are more important than ever for all of the running backs.

+ Ohio State has some people on their staff who played at Michigan State, like grad assistant Grayson Miller who played safety and linebacker and strength coach Niko Palazeti who played fullbabck.

+ Day told his staff this week that this is an important time for them. They have to remain consistent and the trust is there between coaches and players. Have to give the players a “clean plan” for the players each week and each day.

+ It was tough watching the game at home last year. Only his son watched it with him because he was yelling and screaming and throwing things. It’s a very strange experience. It was great to see the guys rally and to see the coaches and leaders step up. He said his son RJ learned a few new words that week.

+ How do they decide at which tempo they are going to play from series to series? There are a lot of factors. Sometimes it’s done to find a rhythm on offense. Other times you’re trying to catch defenses off guards. You have to mix it up or else the defense will find your pace.

+ It takes more than one guy to bring down Kenneth Walker. He makes guys miss as well. “We’re going to need multiple guys running to the football.”

+ With COVID last year and the super seniors you’re seeing teams with 22 and 23-year olds and also 18-year olds. It’s a big difference between the two.

+ Michigan State has done a very goof job of upgrading their talent this year. Kenneth Walker is one of the best running backs in the nation. They have good receivers. Well-coached on defense with good players. One of the better-coached teams Day has seen this year.

+ They try to identify in recruiting the players who can handle the pressure and the praise and the criticism from outside and the requirements of being a Buckeye and frankly there are some players on the team who are having trouble handling everything that is required of a college football player at Ohio State

+ They have talked about not letting distractions get in their way this week. “Those things need to go to the side this week.” Can’t let anything get in their way right now. They understand that it’s not the best team that wins, it’s the team that plays the best.

+ The defense is in a much different place than they were 10 games ago. “Good, bad, or indifferent” you know what you have now.

+ What do they tell the DL to do when the QB is getting the ball out quickly? Number one, you have to tighten up the coverage behind them. Number two, the OL was cutting some guys to keep them from knocking passes down. One of the biggest improvements he’s seen from the defense this year is the pass defense. They are forcing QBs to get to reads 2, 3, and 4. Not so much last week.

+ Defending trick plays relies on preparation, but not always in practice. You can show film. Players need to be aware and be on alert. It’s when you’re not ready for something when those plays can hit you. You can’t spend too much time on preparing for stuff like that. “Chasing ghosts.”

+ Chris Olave has great speed. He goes 0-10 that is “off the charts.” Garrett Wilson is just so sudden. Jaxon Smith-Njigba has jitterbug moves as well.

+ The young receivers will eventually have their time and he knows that everybody wants to play. They are still working hard and fighting.

+ Garrett Wilson had a great week of practice for the Purdue game. He didn’t like missing the previous game. He has had another great week. Has a look in his eyes.

+ Guys wear GPS chips in practice so they monitor how much everyone is running. They can tell when players are running too much and they may dial them back the next player. Also heart rate variabilities to check out for stresses and possible illnesses. They also do hydration monitoring before practices.

+ This has been a tough run. The Big Ten right now is who can do the best job at sustaining who they are from week to week, but you also can’t be the same player. You have to get better from one game to the next. They tell the players to get rest and have your body right, but also be mentally ready and knowing the game plan, and then third is the emotional and spiritual aspect of getting ready for what the day is going to mean.

+ Week after week you’re playing against really good opponents now. They enjoyed the win over Purdue but didn’t spend a lot of time celebrating with Michigan State on the horizon. He told the team after the Purdue win that they can’t win the game that Saturday night, but they could lose it and it to get some rest.