COLUMBUS – Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will take part in his weekly radio show today beginning around 12:00 pm and will then be meeting with reporters around 1:00 pm. We will have live updates here as Day will provide updates on his football team and also discuss Saturday’s matchup against the Oregon Ducks. Refresh for the latest once the festivities begin.

Lightning Round

+ The touchdown run by Miyan Williams wasn’t how they drew it up. It was an alignment issues.

+ Have to take care of the football and stay on schedule.

+ It’s gonna be a hot day and a long day, so they have to play with as much effort as possible for all four quarters. “We have to understand that it’s not just going to happen in the first five minutes of the game.”

+ Palaie Gaoteote’s waiver to play this season has been denied.

+ Luke Wypler is ready to start this week. This will be a new challenge because Oregon plays with a nose tackle right across from the center. They’ll see how this week shakes out to determine who will start.

+ They will continue to rotate guys in the secondary. “We will play depth. We need to play depth. But we also want to try to find a rhythm and build chemistry.”

+ He doesn’t know what TreVeyon Henderson’s role will be this year. He needs to continue to build on his opportunities.

+ Why did JT Tuimoloau play more than Jack Sawyer? Part was because of how much JTT has come along and part because of the style of offense they were playing.

+ Chris Olave put a major emphasis on his run after the catch and taking care of the football. So to see after just one game the results of that work was encouraging. When you take care of the ball you have more confidence in trying to run through guys and make them miss.

+ He’s not talking about injuries to Josh Proctor as others.

+ Still have not named a backup quarterback. “Still a work in progress.”

+ Why did Gaoteote deny the waiver? “What I know is that it was denied.” They’ll look into an appeal.

+ Why Donovan Jackson as the tackle eligible guy? He’s athletic and can run routes and they wanted to get him on the field somehow.

Radio Show

+ Demario McCall has shown leadership. He has spoken in front of the team about a lot of things.

+ Good start for the freshmen defensive ends. “Everything we invest in them we’re going to get back.”

+ Antwuan Jackson has been through it all. It didn’t all come at once for him. He has experience now. He goes to work every day and has the respect of his teammates.

+ They spent a lot of time back in the spring talking about the importance of ball security, but also discussed ball disruption defensively. They also talked about fumble recoveries and how to approach them. If they’re “in the country” (nobody around you), then you try to scoop and score. If they’re “in the city” (and it’s crowded) you jump on the ball and try to recover it.

+ They talk to the team about the responsibility of upholding the tradition at Ohio State.

+ It’s hard to enjoy road wins when you have a game like this coming up. At Ohio State as the head coach it’s hard to enjoy wins. It’s more relief than anything.

+ Bryson Shaw played well. Graded out a Champion. He’s an example of somebody who just kept working every day. He tackled well. He was where he was supposed to be. He makes the right calls. “He’s a calming force back there.”

+ There were some really good plays from the young corners. There’s something to be said for when they made a mistake, they didn’t get into their feelings about it and let it bother them. If they can continue to build and learn from their mistakes without repeating them, then they’ve got something.

+ You can’t ride the roller coaster, there will be good plays and bad plays. You have to play with emotion but you can’t let emotion play with you.

+ It’s going to be hot on Saturday so they will play some depth, but you have to balance that with finding a rhythm defensively.

+ When you’re a young player you watch a lot of film and you do a lot of practicing, but when you finally play in a game, the film from the game gives players a lot to learn from. That’s when it’s real.

+ Getting back to Ohio Stadium for the 100th year in the Shoe, they need the crowd to be loud to help out on third downs. “Get there early.” “It’s going to be a tremendous atmosphere.” They will go to the Skull Session. They are looking forward to the team walk to the stadium.

+ They were disappointed to have last year’s game canceled at Oregon. They had some fun plans for the visit. Autzen Stadium looks like a fun place to experience.

+ Oregon defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux is very athletic and explosive. He creates problems, but he’s not the only one. They have a lot of talent up front and in the back end. The linebackers are productive. This will be one of the more athletic defenses they have played in a long time.

+ Oregon has talented skill players who are quick and explosive.

+ Day recruiting Oregon quarterback Anthony Brown early on when Day was at Boston College.

+ Oregon is very talented, fast, athletic. They recruit well. Mario Cristobal is building a great program. They have great coordinators and great schemes. They have All-American type players. “This is a big challenge for our team.”

+ Day thought special teams was a bit of a wash. They didn’t really do anything to give themselves an advantage. Noah Ruggles did well on his field goal

+ The majority of play changes come from the sideline and QBs generally don’t change the plays. QBs can be given a couple of plays, but for a young QB they try to keep his mind clear.

+ Oregon’s pass rushers do a good job in space. They are athletic. They like to blitz. “You gotta block a little bit longer against Oregon this week.”

+ Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson’s practice habits bring the entire room up. There’s good depth in that WR room. They didn’t get as many snaps for the entire room as they’d like because of the lack of plays on offense.

+ Dawand Jones was impressive. Not really his first start, but it was his second. “It was a good start for him. He’s going to have a bigger challenge this week. A different style of defense.”

+ There is a lot of depth this year and it brings out the best in each of the guys. Luke Wypler got thrown into a tough game. “There were a couple of things that we need to clean up there but a good start for him.” Minnesota had a tough defensive line. “Good start for Luke.” They have different options at center they can turn to if needed.

+ The RBs ran hard. On Miyan Williams running the wrong way on his TD, “You’re like ‘No, no, no, no, yes, yes.'”

+ It was encouraging to see CJ Stroud respond in the second half the way he did. It’s too bad there weren’t more snaps. Why didn’t he grade out a champion? “Well, you have to take care of the football.”

+ It’s not like the wishbone, but Minnesota’s offense is unique. The Gophers look for mismatches on the interior, so the Buckeyes wanted to match personnel defensively. This was a pretty new thing for Minnesota but the Buckeyes were “able to scramble together and make it work.”

+ Saturday’s 10.3 yards per play on offense was the highest in school history. “It was bizarre.” OSU had 22 plays in the second half at one time with 35 points on the board.

+ “Minnesota’s not a team you blow out.” They snap the ball on 1, they are patient. Day knew this would be a fourth quarter game and then you try to win it in the fourth quarter.

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