Live Updates: The Ryan Day Radio Show, Lightning Round – Oct. 21

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will take part in his weekly radio show to answer questions and provide updates on his football team today. Following the radio show he will meet with reporters to answer a few more questions. We will have live updates throughout the hour-long session, so refresh for the latest from the Buckeye head coach.

Ryan Day Radio Show

+ It’s been good to get Miyan Williams going again. Evan Pryor will get some opportunities in games as well.

+ Food superstitions? No, not really. He does like to be the last one to eat when it’s a team meal before the game. Also eat bland foods before the game. No time for experimenting with new foods on game day.

+ The principal at Chris Olave and Jack Tuttle’s school was a Buckeye. Olave actually silently decommitted from Ohio State because he wanted to stay out west and maybe go to Utah instead. Olave was a four-sport athlete. Wasn’t a great hitter but “was a hell of a pinch runner.”

+ The Bullet is the guy who is able to cover a talented tight end like IU’s Peyton Hendershot.

+ IU quarterback Jack Tuttle is a good back. Not sure if Michael Penix will be back. They also have a talented freshman who could see the field on Saturday. They have a good system. This is a good team with some tough losses to very good teams.

+ Mickey Marotti oversees everything regarding the players’ strength, recover, rehabilitation.

+ Guys have gotten into their routine, which is good, but you can’t let the newness wear off and get into bad habits. You have to keep your discipline with the little things

+ He and Kevin Wilson do the clock management and they have a couple of others who help them out with that.

+ The players have iPads for gameplans and playbooks, but after a few weeks this season they also went back to binders with everything printed out for the players as well.

+ Day bed checks everybody and guys are usually talking football when he stops by. That’s always a good sign the night before.

+ They will fly to Indiana tomorrow and get them to bed around 9-9:30 pm. They’ll get them up around 9:30-10:00 am. You want the players to be able to relax a bit because you can be locked in too long. The team will play cards or dominoes or even Hangman the other day. He doesn’t want them on their phones constantly.

+ Day would like to see the hashmarks moved towards the NFL hashmarks. It would open up the game so much more.

+ In the NFL you pretty much know where defenses are going to line up on first and second downs, but in college you get different looks every week and throughout downs and distance.

+ Game planning with Kevin Wilson and the offensive staff is something they all enjoy. “We have a lot of fun with it.” You look for the best ways to make the guys successful. You may have a good play but how are you going to practice it and can the guys execute it?

+ TreVeyon Henderson has been getting stronger and better. He’s in a routine now. He’s still got a lot of tread on his tires.

+ CJ Stroud’s preparation has been solid, but the games are going to get tougher. Guys will have to be more physical. As long as Stroud continues to build and show that toughness, they’ll win some games.

+ Indiana brings a lot of blitzes, which creates high-risk, high-reward situations. OSU needs to take advantage of the opportunities.

+ The Indiana defense is very veteran. Stout up front, very good back end. Linebackers have been around forever. They are all well-coached and they have a lot of experience.

+ They have four different angles he watches of practice film. Game film, he prefers both sideline and end zone views. He uses both.

+ He doesn’t watch much offensive film of the opponent but he sees them in watching other defenses.

+ Larry Johnson always has a plan going into every game in terms of rotations. But all of it is challenged by tempo and an inability to get guys in or needing to sprint them onto the field in a brief moment. There is also work done to make sure the specific players are put in good situations and finding matchups that are favorable.

+ Coming into the season, there were just so many guys who hadn’t played before. They have now settled into roles, especially on defense. Those reps matter. They all add up. They now have a rhythm going and the players also know what to expect in terms of their assignments and how much they’re going to play.

+ It’s another night game on the road. It will be a good atmosphere. There are things to be gained from being on the road. The distractions are out of the way. It’s just you and the team at the hotel. Night games are a long wait. “We do travel well, so hopefully we will see some Buckeyes in Bloomington.”

+ There was some self-scouting during the bye week to look for tendencies.

+ This is going to be a big run. Before you know it, they’ll be in the back end of it. He’s told the team not to wait until the last game to take it all in. Appreciate it now and take advantage of it.

+ This team now has a lot of guys who have finally played their first extensive amount and they now know what they’re doing.

+ The veterans are the ones who have experienced a bye week before and they led by example.

+The game plan is now in and today is the day to polish it

+ He thinks they got done what they wanted during the bye week but you never know until the game starts.