COLUMBUS – Ohio State’s recruiting camps are not only a chance for uncommitted players to show out in front of Ohio State (and many other schools) coaches, but it is a chance for players who are committed to visit campus and get a chance to work with their future coaches in a football setting.

The Buckeyes had four commits go through the paces on Tuesday including tight end Ty Lockwood out of Thompson’s Station (Tenn.). Lockwood committed to Ohio State in August of 2021 and sometimes it is easy to forget about a player who has been part of the class that long but make no mistake, the Buckeyes have found a real gem with this four-star tight end who checks in at 6-foot-5, 225 pounds and possesses receiver skills in a tight end body.

Lockwood was joined by a trio of offensive linemen with Luke Montgomery, Joshua Padilla and Austin Siereveld and the four went through drills with Justin Frye, Kevin Wilson and others during the early afternoon on the fields of the WHAC.

While Lockwood has had a chance to talk with many of his future teammates, this was a first chance to work as a unit with several players that he will be spending a lot of time with for years to come.

“It was good, I have been talking those guys a whole lot, got a couple of group chats with them,” Lockwood said. “It was good to get out there with them and compete, see what they are like, see what I am like and kind of match our speeds. Get closer to each other.”

Tight End is a tricky position when it comes to Ohio State as the Buckeyes use the tight end differently than a lot of schools do. Even with that the Buckeyes have been putting players from that position into the NFL, most recently Jeremy Ruckert going day two in the NFL Draft to the Jets.

It is a position that almost seems like an afterthought to fans but its importance in the Ohio State offense cannot be understated.

The position is important enough that the Buckeyes are looking to take two in this recruiting cycle, if they can find the right player to join Lockwood. Does that matter to the four-star talent?

“I would love for another guy to come join me. If not, it is whatever. I love competition, I am for it,” Lockwood said.

Lockwood is in line with many of his teammates when it comes to taking to social media to try and add to the recruiting class as the Buckeyes are a perennial top-five recruiting class from year-to-year.

This year is no different and the Buckeyes still have a lot of spaces to fill in this class, including a quarterback.

Lockwood’s pitch is a simple one.

“I truly do think that this is the best spot to get developed,” Lockwood added.

Check out what else the Ohio State tight end prospect had to add in this post-camp interview.

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