Massive Changes Coming To College Football This Fall

Conference Championship weekend could look a lot different this fall after a major change in NCAA rules this week.

The Pac-12 has already announced that it is getting rid of divisions for this fall and will pick the teams for its conference championship game in an entirely new way, and other Power 5 leagues could make a similar change soon. How will this change things this season?

Kevin Noon, the host of the Big Me Kickoff podcast, joins host Tom Orr to discuss that and more.

  • Will a change in annual recruiting rules be a good or bad things for players?
  • Plus, Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher have traded haymakers this week about NIL and the Aggies’ recruiting class. We break down what it means, and just how much crazier this dispute could get.

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    John Kiel
  • May 20, 2022
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