CINCINNATI – The decision on Ohio State for cornerback Jermaine Mathews had been in the bag for some time but it made Friday afternoon just as special.

Mathews made his decision ‘a couple weeks ago’ but waited until July 1st to make it public in front of a full gym at Winton Woods high school. He was quick to get to the point after things got underway a little late and let everyone in on his decision to join the Buckeyes.

“It was hard, I was thinking about it every day. Sometimes I just wanted to move my decision up. I just stayed down, this is just a great feeling, I am excited,” Mathews said after the event.

Mathews recently camped at Ohio State without an offer with a goal of getting that Ohio State offer. He was easily one of the top performers at his position over the course of Ohio State’s multiple camps and that offer came and it did not take long to come to that decision.

And now it is time to get to work.

“It is just a place where I feel that I can just succeed,” Mathews said. “They can help me on and off the field, as well. It’s a great feeling, a great place for me.”

The Buckeyes have been busy on the defensive back recruiting front, landing Kayin Lee and Calvin Simpson-Hunt earlier this week to join Dijon Johnson and Malik Hartford. Ohio State’s defense was not up to par in 2021, something that will be fixed moving forward.

“We are going to be BIA. Just come in, work every day, grind,” Mathews said.

What else did Mathews have to say about his big day? Check it out here in this day-of interview from his big announcement and don’t miss a single thing on

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