It’s a special edition of Givs and the Bank and on the heels of more staff shake-up for the Buckeyes, we are here to talk about what that means on the recruiting side of things. Most of the 2022 class is already signed, sealed and in many cases, delivered. But what does these latest moves, and all four current moves in general, mean for the recruiting effort?

Talented defensive back AJ Harris had a great relationship with members of the old staff but neither Kerry Coombs nor Matt Barnes are there any longer, is all hope lost there? What about Ohio State’s recent commitment of Cedrick Hawkins who happens to play in the defensive backfield as well?

Were these moves made on the right timetable or should they have been made at the end of last season? Could they even have been made with Ohio State making it to the National Championship game in a season unlike any other with the uncertainty and cancellation of games at a moments notice?

What is the plan now for new faces in new places to get into recruiting for 2023 and beyond? What does this mean for the on-the-field product? Time will tell on some of those questions but we take our best guess at that and a whole lot more.

Join Marc Givler, Bill Greene and special guest Kevin Noon as they talk about the recruiting impact upon the Ohio State football program with the additions of Perry Eliano and Tim Walton to the previous coaching moves of Jim Knowles and Justin Frye.

All of that and more on this special edition of Givs and the Bank. Be sure to keep an eye out for another new edition dropping very soon as well talking about getting back out on the road with recruiting as Greene checks in from Florida while Noon and Givler talk about their experiences in San Antonio.

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