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Notre Dame Postgame: NevadaBuck’s Seven Uncomfortable Truths

This is Nevadabuck’s weekly post game Uncomfortable Truths column. This is where I tell you things that you might want to hear, might not want to hear, but probably need to hear —so here goes…

Uncomfortable Truth #1— We will never fully master being a running team, until our head coach fully embraces the run. Said it in another thread, but its uncanny how Day reverts to being “Chuck-it Charlie” whenever he gets behind schedule . They say in combat that “no war plan survives the first contact”—well we can change that now to “no game plan survives the first time we get behind schedule”. Day needs to trust the run. Period. End. The game didn’t have to go the way it did last night and if not for an outburst from Kevin Wilson I’m not sure we see that sole crushing physical drive in the fourth. The pass is to Day what “Dave” was to Tressel and what the QB run was to Meyer—its his wubby. In the words of the immortal Pogo “we have met the enemy and he is us”.

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