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The 2021 season is behind us and full focus inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center is on getting Ohio State prepared to win a national championship in 2022.

Will the Buckeyes be able to make that happen next season? Can OSU run the table on their 2022 schedule? Which games could be potential losses for the Scarlet and Gray? Tony Gerdeman joins Alex Gleitman to answer all of these questions and more on this edition of Around The Oval presented by Todd Pennington with Revolution Mortgage (Get today’s rate by clicking here!).

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  1. Check out the video below to watch this week’s episode,. If you prefer the podcast-only (no video) platform, you can listen [URL=’’]HERE[/URL] on Spreaker, [URL=’′]HERE[/URL] on Apple Podcasts, or [URL=’’]HERE[/URL] on Spotify.


  2. For those who hate pods:

    As of today Tony and I both have them 12-0. Possible games we are looking at for a loss are at MSU, at PSU, and at Northwestern (trap game IF it’s a decent NW team year because of the placement of the game right after the white out). Neither of us seeing ND Wisco or Iowa having enough firepower. Definitely not Rutgers ArkySt Toledo or Indiana. Probably not Maryland but could be trickier Than appears. And we both think UM is in trouble after last years game.

  3. [QUOTE=”YettiAsh, post: 534954, member: 2537″]
    1 loss.
    Yeah in my head I keep saying 11-1, B1G champs at 12-1 and onto the playoff. But It is hard to figure out where the loss comes from

  4. [QUOTE=”YettiAsh, post: 535664, member: 2537″]
    Just like we didn’t see Michigan or Oregon last year.
    Yes and no. Both of those games were circled for me as potential losses and I wrote as such on this website. People actually laughed at me here after the Minny game for saying Oregon could beat OSU

    buckeyes shouldn’t lose at home to ND Wisco Iowa Michigan. PSU white out is tough. At MSU is no slouch. If NW is a decent team, on the road week after the whiteout isn’t ideal. Won’t lose the other games

  5. [QUOTE=”RochBuck, post: 535716, member: 2457″]
    I could see us losing to ND at home this year. Marquee non-Conf games at home have been our Achilles heel. Think about it, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, VT, USC, etc. Not sure why.
    I really can’t at all. Who plays QB? Freeman is first real game is this one. I think he’s in over his head. ND lost some talent too

  6. [QUOTE=”RochBuck, post: 535872, member: 2457″]
    That’s why they call them upsets. Your points make sense, but Oregon didn’t have a good QB and a couple of their best players were out. With Marcus, JL, and Al W., they will be approaching this like a Xichigan game. I hope we are building to the same intensity.
    There was no excuse to lose to Oregon. But I understand why it happened with the D being fully incompetent this year and the offense still finding itself. Offense won’t be finding itself next year. And the D will be light years more competent if nothing else.

  7. [QUOTE=”BTG57, post: 536198, member: 9227″]
    Actually I think it was more due to a lack of leadership on both sides of the ball.

    In both losses we were physically dominated at the point of attack

    I think many of the upper classmen started taking winning for granted, and there wasn’t the level of commitment needed. Also it was clear some kids were more concerned about PT they felt entitled to
    Well that didn’t help either but to me that goes into why the D was bad and the O wasn’t where it needed to be yet. I think ultimately that falls on coaching though.

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