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Ohio State got some big news on Friday when former USC starting kicker Parker Lewis announced he would be leaving the Trojans program and transferring to the Buckeyes.

Why did Lewis leave Lincoln Riley’s program? Why did he pick Ohio State over other top programs? What will his role be with the Buckeyes this season? Parker Lewis joins Alex Gleitman to answer all of these questions and more on this edition of Around The Oval presented by Todd Pennington with Revolution Mortgage (Get today’s rate by clicking here!).

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  1. Check out the video below to watch this week’s episode,. If you prefer the podcast-only (no video) platform, you can listen [URL=’’]HERE[/URL] on Spreaker, [URL=’′]HERE[/URL] on Apple Podcasts, or [URL=’’]HERE[/URL] on Spotify.


  2. [QUOTE=”rgeiger24, post: 600191, member: 1522″]
    What are the odds that McCord beats out Brown, starts the whole year, and ISNT gone? To me, it seems like Kyle will obviously have the physical tools (size/arm strength) to get NFL eyes. The team success/level of talent/coaching pedigree/ it honestly seems like a pretty thing line to play bad enough with the skill set that will be shown and also not get benched. Teams draft tools at QB that have never even been good before. McCord will have to be legit productive or he WILL have issues staying on the field, at least with the fans, ask CJ LOL
    Just depends on what his draft stock is and if he feels he’s ready to make that jump. I agree if he beats out Brown and has a year that we’d expect him to, he’d be in good position to go pro. The question is what does the QB class look like and what is his projected stock? The other question will be about how NFL teams feel about him only starting 12-16 career games. If he is projected as a 2nd or 3rd round pick, he may come back to try and solidify the 1st round status. That would be the scenario I could see him coming back to start again for.

  3. [QUOTE=”edgy4sure, post: 600239, member: 397″]
    Hartline Approach feels a lot like the Saban Approach
    Very similar in terms of collecting talent.

  4. [QUOTE=”NatiBucki, post: 600288, member: 176″]
    Why would Day name a starter next spring. He won’t, unless McCord or brown are just so much better that it isn’t even a competition. So unless one of them just decides to not compete, they will both be on the team next year and then 1 will transfer after the year.
    He won’t name one. But the guys involved may basically know their situation. Not sure if Urban officially named Haskins his guy after spring but Joe Burrow sure knew the deal…

  5. [QUOTE=”The317HolyCitynut, post: 600662, member: 592″]
    I have said it before and I will say it again. History and data show that QB’s need at least 2 years starting before going pro if they want to have a successful playing career and get the second contract as a starter.
    Yeah the numbers are staggering. There’s always exceptions to the rule, but it’s rare. That said, hard to tell a kid to turn down all the guaranteed millions if he’s a sure fire first rounder (Haskins).

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