Marcus Hooker Suspension

The Ohio State football team begins spring practice today, but ahead of that, head coach Ryan Day spoke with reporters on Wednesday. One of the first orders of business was an update on safety Marcus Hooker, who was charged with OVI this past weekend.

Hooker was immediately suspended from the program by Day and what happens next may ultimately be decided by the court.

“Yeah, I mean, we’re very disappointed and take what happened very, very seriously,” Day said. “We’re gonna let the process play out. He is suspended right now indefinitely. And we’ll kind of see as things move forward, and we’ll make the decisions as we go. But want to get all the information first before we did anything.”

This is Hooker’s second suspension as a Buckeye. His first suspension came as a true freshman following an OVI charge in 2018 prior to his enrollment.

Information Overload

Every year there are changes on a college football team, including the coaching staff. Co-defensive coordinator Greg Mattison retired after last season, which wasn’t tremendously unexpected. Then the Buckeyes almost lost linebackers coach Al Washington, who was courted very seriously by the University of Tennessee.

There were all kinds of dollar figures being reported and the drama seemed to unfold for all to see over the course of a few days. While Day wants his coaches to reach their ultimate goal, he’d prefer that it maybe not be so public next time.

“Well, I’ll be blunt, I didn’t really appreciate the fact that it was public and how that all went down,” Day said of the coverage of the courtship. “However, I love Al, always have. He and I go back a long, long ways. He’s like a brother to me. And I always want Al to have great opportunities. That’s why he came back here. We talked about that when we came here, is that I want Al to be a coordinator and to be a head coach someday. And so he’s always going to have great opportunities. And this was just one of those opportunities and obviously glad he’s here. And so are the guys on the team.”

Concerns You May Have Missed

As Urban Meyer once said, his job as Ohio State head coach is to be concerned about everything. Ryan Day is no different, and so when asked for some of areas of the team he would be watching closely, he said the usuals about replacing two All-Americans on the offensive line and replacing four linebackers and figuring out the secondary, but he also mentioned finding a second tight end that this offense can rely on.

The Buckeyes love to run two-tight-end sets and right now the only tight end with any experience is Jeremy Ruckert. It is imperative that another tight end step up this spring.

“Ruck is coming back and he’s going to do some great things for us. We’re excited about that. But losing Luke Farrell, he was probably one of the more underappreciated guys in his time here, he did a lot of things for us,” Day explained. “And so that second tight end in the game is going to be important for us, and finding out who that is and letting that competition play out will be critical.”

The New Hampshire Ninja

The Ohio State men’s basketball team kicks off their NCAA Tournament run today at 3:00 pm on CBS. When asked for his thoughts about the basketball team and his thoughts on March Madness, Day had a quick response.

“You didn’t see my shot yesterday on social media?” he asked, referencing this tweet and clip.

Then asked what made him such a special high school player, he deadpanned, “It was probably my ups.”

He then went on to say he thought about playing both football and basketball in college, though his basketball would have resembled football a little bit as well.

“I probably could have been on a couple teams,” he said. “Run around, make a few shots, bang into some people, start a few fights or whatever. That’s kind of how it went down back then.”

As it relates to March Madness, the Buckeye basketball team, and head coach Chris Holtmann, however, Day is all in.

“I love basketball. And I love March Madness,” he said. “And especially this time of year, just great memories. You know, my birthday’s on March 12, St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness, they all kind of go together and just great memories being back home and watching basketball this time of year.

“I think Chris has done an unbelievable job this year. I think his team plays really, really hard. Almost won the Big 10 championship. Played really, really well. Took Illinois all the way to the end. I thought Illinois has got a really good team as well. They’ll probably make it really far. With the draw that they have, excited to see them. Sometimes that first game is the hardest. And once they get some momentum going, as long as they stay healthy, I think they’re gonna make a great run. It’s been fun to watch them play this year. I think it’s at 3 on Friday, I’ll be fired up watching them play.”

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