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Ohio State freshman running back TreVeyon Henderson became the third Buckeye to lose his black stripe this spring. Most freshmen ultimately have theirs removed during fall camp or even during the season, so it’s a rarity to have it happen in the spring. In fact, with the additions of linebacker Reid Carrico and receiver Emeka Egbuka on Tuesday, only nine freshmen have lost their black stripes during the spring since Urban Meyer began the tradition in 2012.

Ohio State’s social media account has released practiced clips throughout the spring and Henderson can be seen in those clips making plays and looking very good.

How would Buckeye head coach Ryan Day assess Henderson’s play to this point?

“Yeah, still really young, didn’t play last year, hasn’t played football in a while,” he said. “That’s the other thing. Last year he didn’t play high school ball. But he has done a good job. He’s had a good attitude. He’s got a good work ethic. He’s done everything right so far. Now he’s still got to play more and learn every day. He needs a million reps, but the talent is there. The work ethic is there. I think he’s gonna have a really bright future here. He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do so far. He’s flashed at times already. So excited to see what that looks like during the spring game.”

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

Speaking of guys who need “a million reps,” the Ohio State quarterback race continues on full speed this spring. Well, sometimes it’s full speed. Other times it’s half speed. This is still a learning process, after all.

In the three glimpses the media has gotten this spring, it has been redshirt freshman CJ Stroud getting the first reps, followed by classmate Jack Miller, and then true freshman Kyle McCord. There is so much rolling of skill players in and out that, however, that many different players are getting work with the ones and twos, including quarterback according to Ryan Day.

“We’ve been rolling that,” Day said. “And guys have had good days, guys have had not so good days. Guys have good reps, not so good reps. And that’s what happens when you have young quarterbacks. There’s a lot to improve on with all three guys. They need a million reps. I mean, the minute you think one guy is taking a step forward, he does something foolish, and then somebody else will make a play. And then they’re coming on and then it flips the other way. But that’s expected. And you know that going in. And the other part of it, I think they’ve done a good job, though, is they’re not trying to force the action. They’re not trying to win the job every day. And that’s huge. So there’s been good progress there. But still a long way to go.”

A Different Guy

Somebody who has already won a job is senior defensive end Tyreke Smith. Smith has had to deal with injuries throughout his Buckeye career, but is completely healthy this offseason. Being healthy, it is no surprise that Smith has been a popular topic around Ohio State this spring.

Despite the difficulties of the 2020 season for everyone, he finished strongly, and the anticipation for what Smith could be in 2021 is picking up by the day.

“Yeah, I think Tyreke’s got a chance to be really special defensive end, I really do,” defensive line coach Larry Johnson said. “I think with him and Zach [Harrison], and the backups with Javontae [Jean-Baptiste] and Tyler Friday, all those guys could be starters. But Tyreke’s got a very great first step. And if continues to grow and obviously stays healthy and can get through the season, I think we’ll see a special guy on the field. I think you’ll see a different guy out on the field in the sense of how he plays. He is certainly playing well in the spring right now. And I’d like to see him continue to do that as we go forward.”

Barnes Is Noble

Ohio State defensive backs coach Matt Barnes has earned rave reviews from his head coach and his players this spring, which is no surprise to those around the program. Barnes is seen by many as one of the best young defensive coaches in college football. And this year he happens to be taking over the secondary from one of the top veteran defensive coaches in college football in OSU defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs.

While Coombs is known for his energy on and off the field, Barnes is a little more reserved. Barnes has a method to his (lack of) madness, but when he needs to, he can certainly ramp it up.

“Well, let me brag on Kerry’s style for a minute, now,” Barnes said this spring. “I admire his energy. He sees everything in practice. He’s all over it. He’s unbelievable. He does a fantastic job, and I’m with you, I’m probably a bit more reserved. I’m a little bit more animated maybe on the practice field. But I think we work really well together. I think we play off of each other. My style is more matter of fact. I just want you to get my corrections. I want you to hear what I’m saying not necessarily how I’m saying it. So I just want to make sure that I’m communicating as clearly as I can.”

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    Every headline in the history of man is clickbait.

  3. [QUOTE=”BuckRodgers, post: 129335, member: 1302″]
    “Barnes is seen by many as one of the best young defensive coaches in college football.” — really?? Wasn’t tracking that at all, can you expand?
    This is a guy who has worked under Will Muschamp, DJ Durkin, Greg Mattison, and Jeff Hafley. Durkin brought him to Michigan from Florida, then gave him his first full-time job at Maryland. He’s a smart dude. The players love him. He’s a future DC somewhere. Probably future HC too.

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